In this blog, we’ll discuss the exact furnishings, colour schemes, and design concepts you may use to help make the area within your home that surrounds your linen curtains come to life. Finding the interior design aesthetic you wish to imitate in your design process is a wonderful place to start. Although 100% pure linen curtains go well with various interior design styles, we’ve found that these curtains work best with those that emphasise natural or organic fibres. Here are four f the more well-liked design trends you could imitate when using 100% pure linen curtains in your decor.

Rustic Interior Design

The resurgence of rustic interior design is largely due to the emergence of the “cottagecore” fashion concept, which incorporates aspects of western country life. Rustic interiors are known for having dark, natural timber accents, such as oak tabletops, hardwood floorboards, and exposed rafters. Organic linen curtains are made to blend seamlessly with rustic home design ideas because of this concentration on unprocessed, natural building materials.

Contemporary Industrialist Interiors

Modern industrialist interiors are all about raw materials, much like the rustic interior design style, but this time it’s not simply limited to timber. Industrialist interiors are most likely to bring images of exposed brick, copper piping, and huge, typically uncovered windows with black panes to mind.  Fortunately, modern industrialist interiors are distinguished by their milder accents than conventional industrialism. Modern industrialist interiors feature cosy human touches that improve the overall usability of the room; gone are the days of exposed concrete flooring and bare windows. Feel free to add organic window treatments like pure linen curtains and a variety of cosy rugs, pillows, and throws to your modern industrialist interiors.

Organic Minimalism

Some interior designers believe that the absence of visual noise transforms any interior space, not what you add to it. If this assertion closely resembles how you have decorated your home, the likelihood that you follow minimalist design concepts is great. Minimalist designers are likely to support sustainable practices in interior design. Sustainable interior design techniques generally make the most of 100 per cent organic materials and avoid using synthetic fibres like polyester. That is why lovers of organic minimalism will find 100% pure linen curtains a true blessing.

Bohemian Style Interior Design

Even the most vibrant and eclectic interior design schemes can benefit from a suitable backdrop, even though the Bohemian interior design style is renowned for being visually noisy and eclectic. And that’s where our curtains of 100 per cent pure linen come into play. All the linen curtain panels we have are ready to fit in perfectly with bohemian d├ęcor because pure linen curtains have a vibrant texture despite having rather subdued colour schemes.

These curtain panels are highly adaptable, making styling your 100% pure linen curtains a forgiving interior design project. It’s doubtful that you need the guidance and styling advice our team at I Love Curtains has given you today.

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