Window treatments may give any design in your house a fresh new look. Window coverings can completely transform a space or take an existing design to new heights. The best part is that installing window curtains is a simple process. That means putting in new blinds is all it takes to significantly alter your space’s appearance.

Yet, selecting the appropriate blinds and curtains can be challenging for many, including interior designers. After all, there is a tonne of lovely designs to choose from.  Blinds and curtains can be used in a variety of ways. To avoid having a mismatched disaster of your interior, you should instead adhere to a few simple standards or guidelines.

Choosing a Blind and Curtain Style

Choosing a blind style comes first. Choose a couple of different styles because not every design works well in every space. You can select many blind styles in the same colour or family to get a cohesive appearance. Various blind designs are available, including Roller, Roman, Venetian, and many more. Also, there are several curtain styles, such as single-panel curtains with a single flat strip of fabric and pencil pleat curtains with tiny vertical folds. Simple fabric strips are given style by the small holes found in eyelet curtains. While simpler designs are more understated and modest, pleated shapes, typically offer depth and volume. Selecting the best one will depend on your taste in fashion and the appearance you want to achieve.

Mix and Match Prints and Colours

In general, avoiding blinds and curtains with contrasting prints is recommended. This is because the patterns might overtake the area. Instead, make an effort to match a curtain’s print with another print in the space. Choose a blind that is solidly coloured, and that matches the colour of the printed curtain. This gives off a polished appearance without coming across as overly intense. If you have fallen in love with more than one pattern, you can choose several patterns for various spaces.

Blend Beauty and Function

Window treatments are not merely for aesthetic purposes. They ought to be functional as well. Blackout blinds and curtains are excellent options if you want to control light in your room as effectively as possible. Light cannot enter the room through these shades’ densely woven materials. They work great in nurseries, bedrooms, and other areas where you want the most privacy possible. Sheer blinds and curtains represent the other end of the spectrum. These curtain materials let some natural light into the space while providing a degree of privacy, assisting you in creating a livelier ambience.

Change Up Your Designs

Creating different patterns rather than just one for each window in your room is generally a good idea. For a more coherent appearance, choose one colour and utilise several materials or tones to create multiple colour schemes for other rooms.

Choosing the ideal set of blinds depends on your personal style preferences. You can experiment with contrasting colours and patterns if you enjoy bold aesthetics. You’ll probably stick to neutrals and straightforward colour schemes if your style is more subdued.

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