Six Things Curtain Wholesalers Should Consider When Choosing Their Supplier

Wholesalers and dealers should choose their window treatments’ manufacturer and supplier after careful consideration. If you are a window furnishings trader, you may align with a single company that functions as the product manufacturer and supplier. However, some window treatment dealers and wholesalers prefer to work with two separate entities—the manufacturer as one company, and […]

Choose from the Visually-Appealing Commercial Curtain Options from Eyecon Interior Solutions

Selecting the ideal window furnishings for your commercial setting can be confusing. Many offices today have windows of various sizes and shapes, making it even more challenging to choose the right window treatments. However, with the excellent advice of the professionals at Eyecon Interior Solutions, you can easily select highly fashionable and functional window dressings […]

The Importance of Sourcing Curtains from Manufacturers with Sustainable Production Methods

The most advanced and progressive manufacturing companies use sustainable production methods for manufacturing their curtain inventories. These companies use updated production technologies that minimise production wastes and have a low environmental impact. By choosing a manufacturing company that uses green materials for producing curtains, you will be supporting the local and global movements to preserve […]

Three Reasons Why Wholesalers Should Choose Easy Made Curtains from Eyecon Interior Solutions

Curtains are inherently difficult to manufacture and pose their list of problems, unlike roller blinds, which have an easier manufacturing process and can be mass-produced. Just as important are the sales service and advice from the manufacturer to the wholesaler. Having the right skilled people to assist in these areas will be a challenge. The […]