Several customers enquire whether using various window treatments in the same space will seem strange. We reassure them that when done properly, it can look wonderful. There is no such thing as a “standard” window to us at I Love Curtains. We come across so many varied window types, sizes, and shapes. Depending on your requirements, whether you want to create a feature, keep a continuous facade, or have high and irregularly shaped windows, you might need multiple window treatments in the same room. Here are some combinations that might work in your space:

Curtains and Roman Blinds

Your small windows will appear even larger if you combine your window coverings. A few inches above the window frame and slightly below the ceiling are good places to start when installing Roman blinds and curtains. Making windows appear higher and wider. The Roman blinds will impeccably cover the gap between the window and the headrail and draw the curtains down to the bottom frame. When curtains are utilised over such huge spans, they naturally become a focal point of the space, especially when a striking fabric is chosen.

Curtains and Roller Blinds

The foundation of roller blinds is a single sheet of cloth wrapped around a metal or wooden dowel. Most homeowners prefer roller blinds because they offer the best benefits, such as adding a fashionable window treatment for the overall interior design. We frequently combine curtains and roller blinds, much like how we pair Roman blinds with curtains. Roller blinds are a simple window covering that can be compactly rolled up when not used. This implies that although the blinds serve as light dimmer and privacy control, the curtain can be the ornamental “star” of the interior space.

Curtains and Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are still very popular and excellent window treatment for most types of windows, especially those that are small or have odd shapes. For added curb appeal, some clients want to put plantation shutters just on the windows of the home’s façade while using softer window treatments elsewhere in the house. Choose a curtain rod that is long enough to allow you to push the curtains to the side to open the shutters for the greatest results when using curtains with plantation shutters. Combining shutters and curtains is a fantastic decoration choice for Hampton-style homes.

Windows are frequently treated as an afterthought by many homeowners, even though they can make or break a space. A window treatment can make a space appear brighter, softer, or livelier. Most homeowners desire some degree of control over the influence of prying eyes and sunshine while still feeling somewhat alone when they need to retreat inside their sanctuary. Using both curtains and blinds can give you all the inside advantages as well as help frame and enhance your view.

If you are looking for a reliable window furnishing manufacturer and installer, know we at I Love Curtains created “Easy-Made”. With our 30 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that all our window treatments are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials. For orders, click here.