Automation and Motorisation of Window Blinds and Awnings: What are the Advantages?

Automation and motorisation are part of everyday contemporary life. We live and work in surroundings that include remote-controlled or voice-activated electronics, appliances, windows, doors and window treatments. Items can be moved about and operated in our kitchens, entertainment rooms and office interiors at the slight touch of a button, flip of a switch or by […]

Guide to Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Hotels, Inns, and B & B Establishments

If you own or operate a hotel, inn or bed and breakfast today, you know that selecting the ideal attractive and practical window treatments is important for providing appealing and convenient guestroom decor. Every traveler appreciates staying in appealing guest accommodations with inviting, stylish and comfortable furnishings. Especially since different people have definite preferences for […]

Motorised Window Curtain Treatments for Smart Homes

Installing motorised window curtain treatments for smart homes is the ideal solution for enjoying attractive and practical window furnishings that are suitably aligned with contemporary technology that is commonly used in smart home designs. Not only do most advanced home interiors with smart technology offer conveniences like remote controls for all movable furnishings, appointments and […]