Curtains are more than just decorations for your home interior. They also function as a tool to help you control the amount of light that comes in, as well as improve the overall insulation indoors. In order to identify the type of curtains suitable for your home based on how they are made and how they look. Below is a review on the different types of curtains.

Puff Drape
The puff drape curtain, also known as Austrian or Brail curtain, is composed of different poufs of fabrics that form a scallop-like pattern. This gives an attractive yet seemingly elegant touch to the design. They are used for a wide array of purposes – going from theatre presentations to decoration at weddings and other religious celebrations. For homes, they can be placed almost anywhere and will match well with classic styles. This type of curtain is usually made with silky fabrics like charmeuse and velour. And they come in a wide array of colours and sizes.

Balloon Shade
Utterly decorative, the balloon shade curtain portrays a classical style, with a fabric body that folds on when it is not being used. Instead of pushing the curtain to the sides, balloon shades need to be folded up. That gives a touch of convenience without losing the beauty it offers. The materials can vary, going from silky fabrics to cotton, and more. Similarly, they come in a wide array of designs and colours to match different home styles.

For the most practical types of curtains, you’ll find blackout ones. They’re among the heaviest and less attractive options, but they offer the chance to block entire windows, doors, and entrances from the sun – blacking out rooms in houses. The construction of a blackout curtain usually consists of dense fabric with a foam backing. Most of the time, they are thick and heavy – but they can be found on a wide array of colours and designs.

Among the other types of curtains for the living room, you’ll find curtain panels. In contrast with curtain pairs, this refers to a single piece of fabric placed on a tube. But just like curtain pairs, you can hook them up with tiebacks and keep them in place when required. This usually works well in small to medium-sized windows. For larger ones, two curtain panels can be ideal. The materials can vary a lot as well, going through the entire spectrum.

For those who love classical styles, a pair of lace curtains will beautify their home like nothing else. They usually boast a white colour with different patterns around, going from flowers to seashells, damask, and more. That’s why they’re mostly decorative and go on windows, mainly because the fabric is openwork/thin most of the time. Luckily, this adds a unique style you won’t find anywhere else.

Pinch Pleat
Mostly used for their practical design and serious appearance, pinch pleat drapes boast a unique ruffled design that cinches in sections. They’re usually woven in sturdy yet soft materials like linen and cotton. But they tend to boast a wide array of colours and designs to match different house styles. You can find them available for windows, doors, and more. They’re super practical and easy to use with their metal hooks-on-rod design.

Among the window curtain types, you’ll find the Priscilla curtains. This is a beautiful and highly decorative option for those who like classical styles at home. The curtains are usually ruffled in white or creamy colours, coming in two panels separated in the same rod. What makes them unique is the crisscrossed pattern when they’re cinched up, giving a soft an overlapping effect that looks super enticing.

Here at Eyecon Interior Solutions, our knowledgeable and experienced pros will ensure that you select the ideal materials, styles, colours, and textures in your curtains to accentuate your home with ultimate simplicity and elegance that will last for long-term use.