Automation and motorisation are part of everyday contemporary life. We live and work in surroundings that include remote-controlled or voice-activated electronics, appliances, windows, doors and window treatments. Items can be moved about and operated in our kitchens, entertainment rooms and office interiors at the slight touch of a button, flip of a switch or by voice command. Especially helpful is the ability to change the position of window blinds and awnings since manual models can take time and effort to raise or lower to the desired placement. Such updated conveniences can also enable us to concentrate on work or studies and even to enjoy leisure time to the utmost by eliminating interruptions and offering smooth, easy operations.

Although the terms “automated” and “motorised” are frequently used interchangeably in discussions about window blinds, there are differences in their meanings. Motorised window furnishings operate with use of a motor, which is either hard-wired or operated by battery. The motor is controlled by a button on the blind installation or with use of a remote control device.

Automated window treatments also have hard-wired or battery-powered motors. However, they are connected to a smart hub that is connected to a home WiFi router. This hub connection enables you to operate your blinds and awnings with use of an app on your smartphone or tablet. Your window coverings can also be integrated with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit or Savant, Nest and Control4.

Major Advantages of Automation and Motorisation of Window Blinds and Awnings

Main advantages offered by automated and motorised window blinds and awnings include the following:

• Simple In-House Operation. If you are not interested in the use of smart technology in your home at this time, motorised blinds and awnings can be a good choice. They offer reliable, simple and easy operation. Just by touching a button on your blinds and awning installations, you can raise or lower them to the desired position. Many people who work at home like motorised blinds if their office desks are placed in front of windows. They can easily reach the control button for easy adjustment of their blinds while seated at their desks without interrupting their work. Kitchen windows treatments and terrace awnings are also easily adjusted with motorised control.

• Remote Control Automation.
A great advantage of automated window blinds and awnings is that you can program them to operate according to your wishes and needs. For example, you can preset your blinds to open and close according to the changing times of sunrise and sunset throughout all seasons of the year. You can also prevent unpleasant sun-glare in rooms by programming blinds and awnings to auto-adjust for UV protection whenever direct sunlight shines on your windows. Your blinds can also be auto-set to adjust to the best position according to temperature changes detected by your smart thermostat when you are away. You can also preset your blinds or awnings to open and close during the day when you travel to give the appearance that you are at home.

• Easy Maintenance. Both automated and motorised blinds and awnings offer easy maintenance. They are designed for everyday, long-term use with attractive yet sturdy construction and advanced technology. If any damage to these items and controls should occur, they can be repaired or replaced, and all quality models are sold with reliable warranties. To ensure good use of automated blinds and awnings, however, you must have a strong, dependable WiFi signal throughout your home.

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