Light filtering roller blinds can be both attractive and practical for installation in a high rise apartment today. These cost-effective, attractive window treatments are available in many appealing colours and tonalities, either in patterned or solid colour fabrics and light plasticised materials. Easy to clean and maintain, these blinds are quite durable and fade-resistant.

They adapt easily to myriad styles of interior design and complement other items of decor with ease due to their simplistic design and operation. These blinds can be operated by any member of your household, from young children to elderly family members. Because they are reasonably priced, apartment dwellers know that they can replace these blinds whenever they want to make alterations to a room’s decor without overspending.

Major Benefits of Choosing Light Filtering Roller Blinds for High Rise Apartments

Important benefits of selecting light filtering roller blinds as window treatments in high rise apartments include the following:

• Controlling Direct Sunlight.
– Especially for apartments on the upper floors of high rise apartment buildings, direct rays from the sun can be very strong and glaring at certain times of the day. This can interfere with use of some rooms due to the bright glaring natural light beaming through the windows. Since there is nothing to shield the windows from these powerful sun rays, light is stronger in apartments high above the ground. Also, if you live in a city high rise apartment building, you know that if you have windows in every room, there is no time of the day when bright sunlight will not bream strongly though some of your windows. With light filtering roller blinds that are easily adjusted at your windows, you can raise or lower the blinds to control the amount of bright, natural light entering each room.

• Cutting Energy Costs. – When you can shield the rooms from strong sunlight in your upper-floor apartment in a high rise complex, you will need less air conditioning during the day in summer to keep the interior of your home comfortably cooled. These blinds can also enhance the insulation around our windows during the freezing cold days of winter, as well. This will help reduce your heating costs during the colder months as well without the need to install thick, heavy drapes, vertical blinds or modern interior shutter designs to reinforce good insulation for your apartment windows.

• Reducing Fading of Decor.
– With light filtering roller blinds installed at the windows of your stylish apartment in a modern high rise apartment building, you can stop worrying about the attractive colours of your favorite items of decor starting to streak and fade from UV exposure. This will save you time, energy and money since you will not need to concern yourself with buying new furniture, rugs or other items of decor due to surface material fading. Any paintings or photography that you are currently displaying on your walls will also be safeguarded against the harmful glare of direct sunlight beaming through your windows.

When you consult our experts at I Love Blinds, located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and a large selection of light filtering roller blinds from which to choose for installation in your high rise apartment. Our entire staff is fully knowledgeable about all aspects of these modern protective blinds and the many styles now available to consumers. Contact our window treatment specialists today and start enjoying the many benefits of these light-shielding, attractive and cost-effective blinds. You can contact our offices by phone or email, or come visit us online today at