Motorised window blinds are window treatments with a cordless system. They are almost the same as traditional window blinds only with added functions. Below are the benefits of motorised window blinds.

Maximum Safety for Children and Pets

Safety is one of the utmost priorities in considering the type of window treatment in a home. Window coverings with corded systems are safety hazard for young children as well as pets. Cords pose as a suffocation hazard when children become entangled in them, particularly corded systems featuring a loop. Pets are also at risk of injury from corded window blinds in similar ways to young children. Motorised window blinds significantly reduce that risk due to their cordless feature.

Energy Efficiency

Motorised window blinds boost the energy-efficiency of your home in two ways, insulation and light control. Motorized window blinds can provide incredible control over lighting within your home. If you open the blinds completely to let in as much natural light as possible, you can turn off lamps and fixtures. You can also set your blinds to open and close during specific times during the day to maximize lighting efficiency. These factors work together to help you to lower your monthly utility bills.

Solar Protection

Direct sun exposure can cause discoloration, fading and irreversible damage to furniture in your home. Motorized blinds help homeowners protect their valuables by allowing automated programming to control how much light enters the room and when. Setting your motorised window blinds to a specific time allows you protect your furniture while not having to remember to close the blinds yourself.

Home Security

When you think of home security and window blinds you might assume that it relates to closing the blinds to prevent passersby from peering in. While this might be true, motorized window blinds offer a far more beneficial approach that just keeping your curtains closed.

Since motorized window blinds can operate automatically throughout the day they will make it seem like someone is home, even if you are thousands of miles away. Motorized window blinds are more of a deterrent to potential thieves than any other window covering, especially when coupled with an automated smart home lighting system.

Increased Property Value

Motorised window blinds are custom fit to your windows and professionally installed. The result is perfectly covered windows that add instant value to your home. Potential buyers are more attracted to the house wherein they see perfectly installed and styled motorised window blinds. Aside from that, motorised blinds are now a popular and growing trend. A home outfitted with motorized window blinds is seen as a huge bonus by potential buyers. However, there may be instances wherein motorised window blinds may not add a huge increase to the dollar value of your home, but they will definitely make your home memorable to potential buyers, thereby increasing the chance of a sale.

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