The current marketplace for Easy Made commercial window curtains and draperies is growing rapidly as more retailers see the benefits. Typically, retailers that have never traditionally sold commercial window curtains and draperies have realized the need to do so, with a strong shift in the market back to commercial window curtains and draperies. Commercial window curtains and draperies have come back in a big way not only S-Fold linen look sheers but lined solid fabrics, triple weave solid and silk look textures.

There’s a definite gap in the market that Easy Made has filled. As the traditional expert curtain workrooms are becoming fewer and far between, “Easy Made” commercial window curtains and draperies serves as an opportunity to become the go-to for new curtain ordering.

Commercial window curtains and draperies are inherently difficult to manufacture and pose their own list of problems, unlike roller blinds, which have an easier manufacturing process and can be mass produced. Just as important are the sales service and advice from the manufacturer to the retailer. Having the right skilled people to assist in these areas will be the challenge.

The technologies being implemented and developed also play a huge role in this growth. It covers not only the machinery for manufacturing but also processes in the ease of ordering and tracking orders. This combination of technology, innovation and forward thinking is what sets I Love Blinds apart from other window furnishing companies. We at Eyecon Interior Solutions provide full-service installation and wholesale manufacturing company of window furnishings focusing on providing top quality products and excellent service to our clients.

Check Out the Curtain Options from Eyecon Interior Solutions’ Easy Made Program


A delicate, plain cotton weave that offers inconceivable sturdiness for upholstery and curtains delightfully. Bilbao is accessible in a comprehensive palette of 88 shades, which incorporates a sizable scope of neutrals mixed with exemplary and contemporary tints.


Our cloth mix draperies outline the window with surface, separating in the perfect measure of light. Even dark and white stripes get additional measurement from profound dim slubs. Easygoing yet custom fitted, Vesta window ornaments swing from the bar pocket, or back tabs can be utilized to make a creased impact. Drapery equipment additionally accessible.

Warlock Velvet

The extravagant and rich Warlock will without a doubt intrigue! This rich polyester velvet is extraordinarily adaptable and is reasonable for curtain, upholstery and frill. Introduced in a huge scope of exemplary and pattern conceals, this plan will add that fly of shading and extravagance to signature pieces. A sturdy plan that makes a strong assertion!