Zepel is a textile brand designed in Australia and Europe that sources the highest quality drapery and upholstery fabrics to suit our active lifestyles and harsh climate.  Using the latest technologies and an extensive laboratory testing program, Zepel provides fabric solutions for any environment, commercial or residential.

Designed in Australia and Europe, Zepel Fabrics boast the best of European design combined with unique constructions suitable for the harsh environmental conditions of Australasia.  Zepel aspires to deliver the best in furnishing fabrics – upholstery, drapery and wallcoverings, for the residential and commercial markets.

A strategic partnership with Belgium’s Bru Textiles provides additional technical expertise, innovative fabric qualities and unsurpassed quality standards to Zepel’s offering. Within the Zepel range are two premium global brands, Casamance and Christian Fischbacher, offering the highest quality fabrics, unique aesthetic and colour palettes while complimenting the Zepel brand offering. Founded in 1978, Zepel has over 40 years experience providing high quality fabric to the Australian residential and commercial markets.


We have a commitment to being a Socially Responsible global citizen and carefully select our mills, production facilities and fabrics to ensure we are developing textiles people want, that have the least effect on the environment possible. Zepel strives to work with mills and fabric suppliers that adhere to the highest possible environmental criteria. Zepel Fabrics patronise the gold-standard of textile environmental certification systems. Our fabrics are certified free from harmful substances and safe for people and the environment.

Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures means looking at ways to build solid foundations for future generations. We achieve this by supporting sustainable global manufacturing and distribution systems that improve human conditions and reduce our environmental footprint.  As a larger organisation we are involved in – Oeko-Tex Certified sourcing, Carbon offsetting, Bee Hive sponsorship, plastics reduction within and outside of our industry, and organic vegetable gardens for team members.

I Love Curtains, a subsidiary of Eyecon Interior Solutions, is emerging as a tech-driven distruptor in the readymade curtains market. I Love Curtains had been designed specifically to enable blinds specialists to enter the curtains market.

A key feature of the company’s offering is Easy Made, a national three-step curtain ordering program with the specific aim of simplifying the curtain buying process.

Retailers are demanding the same ease of ordering of their curtains as they have had with their blinds. A simpler process of selecting fabrics and tracks and having them manufactured and supplied directly from the wholesaler is the future of curtain manufacturing. This is something we at I Love Curtains have embraced and which has evolved as our core product.

Curtain wholesalers have traditionally been referred to as part of a “cottage industry” supplying only a manufacturing service. We are now creating our own curtaining solution with custom sample books, offering a finished product.


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