Choosing the best commercial window treatments requires a very tedious and careful consideration to ensure that the safety and security of your employees and visitors are of utmost importance. Below are important things to keep in mind when choosing commercial window treatments.


No one wants to stay very long in a room that is uncomfortable. If it is common for your customers or employees to reach up and pull down the shades when it gets too bright or hot in a room, they are telling you they are not comfortable in that space. Overall room comfort is basically the entire idea behind window treatments, so of course it should be a high priority when choosing how to approach them.


The design of your window treatment and how you install it will determine how safe it is. For instance, in the event of an emergency, the shades or blinds should allow occupants to escape the building through the doors or windows easily. You will also want to consider the flammability of the materials you are considering for the window coverings.

Light Control

On the one hand, lighting is a key element in creating the overall aesthetic of the room. A bright room with lots of light creates a sense of energy and movement. A darker room, however, may set the tone for a meditative, quiet and more focused mood. On the other, lighting may function in other ways, creating adequate light while reducing energy costs, for example. Sunlight will also warm a room, which may be great during the winter but could cause you to crank up the a/c in the summer.

Energy Efficiency

An important issue in investing in commercial window treatments is how much money it will cost you after the initial purchase. Something that many business owners do not think about is how well blinds or curtains will help insulate your building. Up to 35 percent of the heat that invades your building enters through the windows. This can create an inefficient environment and cause your energy consumption to skyrocket, draining money into your heating and cooling costs.

Durability and Sustainability

The current trend with manufacturers is shifting toward engineering commercial window treatments using materials that are both durable and sustainable. In other words, you won’t need to replace them as often, and you can recycle them once you are done with them. Green window treatments made from natural, biodegradable materials are the solution for you. There are lots of alternative eco-fibres on the market today that hold up just as well as their synthetic counterparts. Many of the organic materials include recycled cotton, hemp, flax and wool repurposed into beautiful, eco-friendly window treatments.

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