Durability in any product is of utmost importance most especially if you are choosing something that you plan on using for a long time.  Material durability varies by location, exposure, and other environmental factors. For example, marine environments are harsher on materials because higher concentrations of salt in the air degrade materials faster. Similarly, simply being aware of the potential durability issues that your window blinds may encounter is one of the most important pieces of information you, as a homeowner, need to know. Having an educated conversation with your architect, builder, or window blind installer about these potential issues is the logical next step but you’re so much more prepared for the conversation once you know more about how to go about evaluating them for quality and durability.

Below are some of the reasons why durability matters.

Durable Window Blinds are more Economical

Although durable window blinds can often be initially a bit more expensive, the initial cost is more cost effective in the long run. Cheaper, less durable window blinds are naturally prone to much more frequent breakages, which means that repair or replacement expenses can quickly ramp up, making ultimately them more costly. You can see then, that choosing commercial window blinds that are more durable is a much better idea.

Durable Products Are More Environmentally Friendly

This one might not be quite as obvious right off the bat. Surely all products, durable or not, all use the same raw materials anyway, right? Well, yes, but the longer a single product lasts, the more time the environment has to recover the materials used to make it. Here’s a common example used in the industry to explain this scenario. Installing any commercial window blinds causes the same amount of damage in the environment, on the surface. However, in order to be sustainable, the structure has to last for at least as long as it takes for the raw materials to be replicated.

This way, our natural environment has more time to fully recover itself before the cycle begins anew. This is applicable on a wider scale too, and this sustainability is one of the many reasons that it’s more desirable to manufacture high-quality products with an excellent degree of durability.

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