If you are shopping for fresh curtains and blinds to enhance your home decor in the new year, it may be somewhat difficult to decide on the ideal colour trend. Especially with the myriad fabrics, patterns and colour combinations available today in curtain designs, making a purchasing choice can be confusing. With the current array of window blinds styles on the market in many hues of vinyl and enameled aluminium or natural timbre grains, making a selection can be rather overwhelming. However, a few simple tips or suggestions can make your final choice much easier.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Colour Trend for New Window Curtains and Blinds in 2019

• Blinds for Warm-Colour Walls. – If the walls of your room are a warm colour, it is best to choose blinds in a hue with equal warmth. The colour selection is up to you, but choosing a colour scheme like light golden-sand blinds for use with warm coral walls will create a friendly, welcoming room interior. Another option is selecting blinds in the same colour as your walls, but in a lighter or darker shade. If you are purchasing new blinds for your family entertainment or game room, you may want a brighter, more dynamic decorative contrast such as deep cherry-red walls and semi-gloss white blinds.

• Curtain, Wall and Decor Colour Contrasts. -To feature and emphasize your attractive new curtains as dominant elements of your overall room decor, choose curtains in lighter or darker colours and tones than the walls. Interior designers and decorators often suggest selecting curtain fabrics, patterns and colours to complement other room furnishings rather than the walls. Heavier curtain fabrics with dramatic or vibrant designs and hues are pleasing with more classic or complex furniture designs, while lighter weight fabrics of less intense patterns and colouration are best for modern, streamlined furnishings.

• Coordination of Window Treatment and Trim Hues. -Let your personal decor preferences decide whether to match the colours of your new window blinds and trim. In classic or traditional room interiors, blinds and trim such as valances, track system covers or woodwork finishes are often identical in colour, especially when neutral colours are used. In modern decor, however, it is common to choose subtly or even strongly contrasting hues and tones for blinds and nearby trim. Especially in a leisure area of your home, such as a solarium or children’s playroom, use of strongly contrasting primary colours like red and blue can be very attractive for blinds and trim.

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