Selecting drapes or curtains for your home or building takes knowledge beyond what width and length of them to purchase to fit your windows in the ideal manner. To achieve the maximum effect that curtains or drapes can provide windows, you must also understand how the fabric that you select for them affects their overall design and quality. For this reason, we offer information on curtain and drapery fabrics in the following to help you make the right decision for your windows.

Types Curtain and Drapery Fabrics

You have a wide variety of fabrics from which to make your selection today for curtains and draperies. If you do not select the right one for the goal that you have in mind for yours, you will not be satisfied with the final results. The following are prime examples of the fabrics available today for curtains and drapes:

• Cotton fabric is made from natural fibres from the plant of the same name. The lighter-weight versions of this fabric allow light to flow into the room in a subdued manner while offering a minimum amount of privacy since people passing by can see at least shadows and movement inside the house or building. Heavier types of cotton can block light from entering through the curtains or drapes and the view for adequate privacy.

• Pure linen and linen blends have a textured weave that can be either casual or flowing or tailored in a specific manner for a dressier look. Both choices filters just the perfect amount of sunlight to enhance the room with a soft illumination.

• Velvet is a rich, lustrous fabric that provides a luxurious look to the room. It also blocks most of the sunlight from entering the room. This fabric offers the utmost in privacy and thermal performance. While there are styles that are moderately casual, most velvet curtains and drapes are formal in style.

• Polyester is a synthetic fabric that resists stretching, shrinking or wrinkling. Also, it is highly durable and affordable. For all of these reasons, it has become a popular choice for curtains and drapes. However, this fabric is not ideal for kitchen curtains since it can absorb odours and is flammable.

The above are just some of the fabrics that are ideal for curtains and draperies. For additional suggestions and information about why fabric choice matters in drapes or curtain design and quality, consult with Eyecon Interior Solutions. We specialise in a wide range of window treatments, including drapes and curtains. Also, we will work closely with you to ensure that the window treatments than you select are ideal for your purposes.