If you leave your windows naked and bare, you’re missing out on a huge interior design opportunity. The proper curtain measurements provide privacy, filter sunlight, and add warmth to your home while also adding style. Check out our curtain measuring tips before you choose the perfect drapes for your space.

Determine Your Mounting Style

Consider whether you want to hang them outside or inside the window frame when taking curtain measurements. Each mounting type has a distinct visual appeal. The outside mount is the most popular curtain mounting style. The rod is fastened to the wall outside the window frame when hanging curtains outside. Outside-mount curtains can make a window appear larger, provide full coverage to block natural light, and create a more luxurious appearance.

Inside-mount curtains, while less common, are another mounting option that will create a distinct aesthetic. Inside mount curtains are secured inside the window frame, giving them a more streamlined appearance. Inside-mount curtains do not totally block out light, but they give adequate privacy and have a modern, minimalist appearance.

Measure Your Rod Length

Before you measure the width of your window, decide on the length of your curtain rod. Curtain rods are normally 3 to 6 inches longer than the window frame. However, because rods can be mounted within, below, or above the trim mount, the length is affected by where you attach your rod. In terms of diameter, you’ll want a curtain rod at least an inch thick to minimise bowing in the centre.

Suspend curtains from within the window frame for simplified, fitted window treatments. Choose curtain rods with protected end covers and an extendable design for a snug fit. Consider placing the curtain rod below the trim if the top of your window frame has attractive moulding. This is a terrific method to show off your moulding’s craftsmanship while giving seclusion and flair to your windows.

Curtain rods should normally be placed 6-12 inches above your window frame. However, it depends entirely on the available space between the top of your window and the ceiling and the overall style you desire.

Measure Your Curtain Width

Curtain widths should be around 1 1/2 to 3 times the total width of your window. On the other hand, the fullness will eventually define the aesthetic you wish to accomplish. Fuller curtains add a richer impression to your windows, and shorter curtains offer a more fitted aesthetic.

Choose The Right Length of Curtain

Consider the interior design style you wish to attain, as this will influence the length of the appropriate curtain. Depending on the aesthetic you want, you can hang your curtains in one of three methods.

First, curtains that dangle above the sill are normally 1 cm higher than the windowsill. Second, curtains should stop around 15 cm below the windowsill to obtain a below-sill look. Finally, the floor length is determined by the style you desire, but normal curtain lengths often end 1 cm above the floor.

You may spend more time choosing the ideal curtains now that we’ve shown you how to measure curtain panels. I Love Curtains provides a full range of window covering products and services, including but not limited to custom-made curtains, pelmets, roman blinds, and tracking. We can manufacture anything that hangs on a window! Contact us now for enquiries.