Many would believe that having ready-made curtains in the market had proven to significantly improve the lives of consumers. What they fail to take into consideration is the fact that these ready-made curtains vary in style, material, fabric and purpose. Lucky for those in the hospitality business, I Love Blinds launched a wholesale online ordering made easy for those in the hospitality business.

Wholesale online ordering is a simpler process of selecting fabrics and tracks and having them manufactured and supplied directly from the wholesaler. I Love Blinds claimed that this is the future of curtain manufacturing. The three-step online ordering and tracking program is as follows. First, you have to pick your fabric of choice, then enter specific details and lastly place your order.

Intended Consumers

Wholesale online ordering program specifically for the hospitality business wanting to enter the curtain market. There will be no more bulky curtain samples since every necessary detail is contained in one compact sample pack. : Wholesale Online Ordering : Wholesale Online Ordering : Wholesale Online Ordering : Wholesale Online Ordering. It is considered as a complete product solution. All the fabrics, tracks, and manufactured curtain will be delivered to one’s door anywhere nationwide.

Wholesale Online Ordering Solves Curtain Demands

The recent rise in demand for curtains has presented its challenges. The undersupply of skilled workers and operators in the industry is a major challenge for manufacturers. Skill and expertise have and will always be the point of difference between established and new suppliers trying to make the move into this segment of the curtain industry. This also presents opportunities for skilled people in the workforce to join and grow with these businesses.

Wholesale online ordering program that I Love Blinds are offering fills a gap in the industry where those in the hospitality business without the time or expertise in selling curtains can now do so. The typical blind those in the hospitality business can now sell curtains without the hassle of timely complicated calculations typically involved.

Benefits of Wholesale Online Ordering Program

The current marketplace for Wholesale online ordering curtains is growing rapidly as more those in the hospitality business see the benefits. Typically, those in the hospitality business that have never traditionally sold curtains have realized the need to do so, with a strong shift in the market back to curtains. Curtains have come back in a big way not only S-Fold linen look sheers but lined solid fabrics, triple weave solid and silk look textures.

There’s a definite gap in the market that wholesale online ordering has filled. As the traditional expert curtain workrooms are becoming fewer and far between, Wholesale online ordering curtains serves as an opportunity to become the go-to for new curtain ordering.

Curtains are inherently difficult to manufacture and pose their own list of problems, unlike roller blinds, which have an easier manufacturing process and can be mass produced. Just as important are the sales service and advice from the manufacturer to the those in the hospitality business. Having the right skilled people to assist in these areas will be the challenge.

The technologies being implemented and developed also play a huge role in this growth. It covers not only the machinery for manufacturing but also processes in the ease of ordering and tracking orders. This combination of technology, innovation and forward thinking is what sets I Love Blinds apart from other window furnishing companies. We at Eyecon Interior Solutions provide full-service installation and wholesale manufacturing company of window furnishings focusing on providing top quality products and excellent service to our clients. Visit us here.