Curtains for hotel windows today are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, textures and styles. These attractive, lightweight fabric treatments in hotel suites are sold in solid colours and many different combinations of colouration, making them suitable for different room layouts and decor schemes.

This type of window dressing is often featured in theme guest rooms in hotels, especially since it lends a filmy, airy sense of carefree light-heartedness and dreamy allure to the interiors of myriad theme-styled rooms, from an island paradise for newlyweds to a treetop hideaway for the youngsters.

Although curtains may seem a minor element of decor in such theme room designs, they add much to the overall ambience and genuine appeal of these storybook interiors for novelty guest stay-overs.

The “Wow Factor” that Curtains for Hotel Windows Offer for Guest Comfort and Relaxation

Lacy, filmy and translucent curtains at hotel windows can have a definite “Wow Factor” when you first enter a surprise theme room or when you first awaken after a short nap or in the soft, early morning light. Fluttering in front of an open window in a small town or catching a slight breeze from the ventilation system in a contemporary city hotel, these light, slightly airborne fabrics in chic pastels, filmy white lace or loosely woven, multi-coloured patterns, easily transport you from your sleeping dreams to hazy daydreams of leisure and pleasurable pursuits. Popular fabric types and styles for use in creating these sheer, playful window treatments include the following:

• Sheer Eyelet Curtains in Patterns or Plain. – These timeless window dressing designs give a light, open and understated sensibility to rooms in a hotel suite. Even when placed at the windows of guest rooms in a country inn or bed and breakfast, these sheer fabric designs with their small open eyelets encourage the sunlight to shine in brightly while filtering out any harsh beams or dazzling glare from outside. Even in sleek, elegant minimalist interiors of contemporary hotel suites, these traditional sheer curtains of cotton, linen, silk or synthetics add charm and a feeling of warm familiarity to the entire interior decor.

• Rod Pocket Sheers. – These sheer, ultra-light fabric curtains are often found billowing in the gentle breezes wafting through open windows at seaside cottages and resorts. They often feature light-hearted children’s fairy-tale or storybook characters in soft pastels or brighter prints. This type of sheer effect is also used in more elegant, chic fabrics for bridal suite windows in destination resort accommodations.

These soft, appealing window treatments are formed from a continuous, sheer curtain fabric piece, hemmed only at the top to include the curtain rod pocket and at the bottom to create a neatly finished effect. Made mostly of synthetics that will not fray at the edges, these light, airy curtains can be pulled to one side and secured with an attractive tie or left to fall gently in front of the window, shielding the room from the most direct sun-rays.

• Sheer Fabric and Lace Layered Curtains. – These creative window dressing designs are sometimes formed from two separate, free-hanging pieces of fabric, the first one of lace and the second, overlaid one, of sheer fabric. Other styles are composed of pieces of both fabrics joined in partially overlapping, collage-style to form an intriguing pattern of light, translucent mystique fluttering gently across the windows of a stylish hotel guest room in well-coordinated colour combinations.

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