The first window blinds are commonly reported to have been invented and patented in 1760 by Gowin Knight in England followed by Edward Beran in 1769. Since that time, myriad designs, many materials and countless hours of craftsmanship have been dedicated to producing newer and more attractive blinds with high levels of functionality.

Today, fine quality blinds are created worldwide as fashionable and practical window treatments. Many offer UV protection for your room interiors while filtering the harsh glare of direct sunlight to provide attractive, comfortable work spaces for business owners, managers and staff members throughout Australia and around the globe.

Custom Designs in Window Blinds for Contemporary Office Windows

Top rated window blinds designers, manufacturers and suppliers for commercial window dressings have created and marketed many unique styles of blinds in the last few years, including the following:

• Viewline Shades Blinds. – These clever blinds designs are manufactured of attractive fabrics that are lightweight and sheer, joining opaque and mesh style material to create blinds with a double-layer of fabric. This innovative design enables movement of the layers, which produces changing levels of light admittance into a room and varying degrees of privacy. These blinds can be opened fully, closed completely or rotated to provide viewing space between the separate sections of material.

This style of blinds was first used in Korea and is now in popular usage worldwide. These blinds offer a fashionable curved fascia and a simple chain controlled operation. As unique modern blinds designs, Viewline Shades can be raised or lowered to any preferred height for convenient and practical use.

• Panel Glide Blinds. – These innovative blinds designs differ from both Roller and Roman Blinds since they enable flat fabric panels to glide across windows instead of rolling up and down. These blinds make charming window treatments for large office windows and doors. They can also be conveniently used as room dividers or partitions.

Sold in a wide selection of stylish, attractive fabrics, colours and patterns, these blinds are fashionably paired with the track finish choices of black, white and white birch or a clear anodised finish. They offer easy wand control and are produced in from two to nine panel units. These blinds can be drawn to the left, right or centre, and the centre can have a smooth or bunched fabric closure.

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