Bay windows are beautiful and charming design elements in the rooms of any style or age of house. Whether you live in a recently built, ultra-modern home, a traditional Victorian residence or a spacious ranch style home constructed in the 1970’s or ’80’s, having the luxury of a large bay window in one or more of your rooms is a definite plus in terms of your interior decor options.

This curved or multi-paneled expanse of window space brightens your room significantly with natural exterior light while giving the room’s interior a larger, more open appearance and atmosphere.

Choosing Among Curtains, Blinds and Shutters for Your Bay Window Treatments

When deciding whether to select curtains, blinds or shutters for your home’s bay window treatments, information like the following tips from window dressing experts can be helpful:

• Curtains. – Many different fabrics, colours and patterns can be attractive for curtains as bay window dressings. Choosing sheer linen or silk materials in light colours or neutral shades will give your room a much larger, more open and spacious look and ambiance. If you hang opaque, heavier drapery fabrics that are closely woven or textured in darker patterns or solid colours, the room’s interior will have a more enclosed and somewhat smaller feeling.

Be sure to obtain bent, curved or contoured bay window curtain rods, according the the size and style of your window. Especially if the bay window you are styling has more than three separate window panels, it is usually best to select a curved or contoured rod that can be adjusted to the correct length.

• Blinds. – Custom mini-blinds of enameled aluminium in your choice of colour are an excellent choice as stylish coverings for your home’s bay windows. These blinds are particularly cost-efficient in damp, humid climates or areas that have long periods of seasonal rain and snow since they will not warp or mold. They are usually sold with hardware that includes a head-rail and bottom-rail composed of steel, a clutch-tilter and a cord lock that is crash-proof for smooth, long-term use.

Another good choice for your bay windows is faux wood blinds since they are also cost-effective. Both these types of blinds are low profile, requiring only one inch for a partial inside window mount and just one and one-half inches to be fully recessed.

• Shutters. – Plantation shutters are frequently used as fashionable window treatments for bay windows. Available in beautiful natural timbre, faux wood or composite materials, these shutters are easy to adjust for light control while adding pleasing style as major elements of your room’s interior decor. These shutters can be custom-ordered to fit any shape or size of bay window. Whether your window has three separate window panels or more and is round, square, angled or canted (with a flat front and slanted sides), an ideal shutters design can be styled to fit and enhance it.

If you need to install shutter panels for your bay window, mullions may be required. Mullions are either horizontal or vertical dividing elements between units of your bay window that are needed to support the shutter panel installations. Many installations today use pivot hinges at the top and bottom of a shutter panel instead of mullions.

When you consult the window treatment professionals at Eyecon Interior Solutions located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive premium quality curtains, blinds or shutters and full installation services to enhance the bay windows of your home. Our experienced experts can guide you to selecting the ideal window dressings to best complement and enhance these beautiful and practical windows for the enjoyment of everyone in your household.


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