Choosing the perfect colour for your curtains can be difficult because some colour palettes include more than 100 shades. Learn which colours to look for when selecting curtains for your commercial property that fit your style and brand. The atmosphere of a space in any property can be significantly influenced by colour. In this blog, I Love Curtains will share some expert tips on choosing the right colour curtains, and we will discuss the significance of choosing a colour that will match your brand and the overall aesthetic of your property.

Follow the Golden Rule

Before doing anything else, it’s crucial to inspect the space where the curtains will be installed carefully. What shades do the floors and walls have? Are the furnishings vivid and bright? The curtains should ideally be a soft colour if there is already something dominant in the space. If your room features distinctive furniture and d├ęcor, curtains in softer, more neutral hues, like earthy or pastel tones, might be the ideal choice. Consider sheers for a light feeling and off-white, sand-coloured browns, light grey, dusty pink, and other colours. Here, the texture does matter a lot!

Consider the Type of Room or Space

What colour curtain works best depends on the type of room or space. Pop colours, such as intense orange, blue, yellow, and the list goes on, are typically not advised for a bedroom space because they could keep your guests up at night. Dusty pink or soft green would be better choices to warm up the space and have a soothing effect. Just imagine those lovely sunbeams shining through these colours; wonderful!

Carefully Choose Between Light and Dark Colours

Light curtains are highly popular because they are delicate and attractive and give the impression that a room is bigger. There are many more fabric options for light curtains. They might be constructed of flowy material for a timeless, traditional appearance. Light curtains may not be the best choice for many areas, as they also expose dirt and stains more obviously.

On the other hand, dark drapes give a space a sense of contrast and sophistication. If a regal appearance is what you’re going for, start with the dark samples and think about velvet drapes for the height of luxury. You can use these colours to draw attention to a location and turn it into a focal point in a room. Stains and dust are less visible on dark than on light curtains. Dark curtains, however, make a space seem smaller. If the space gets a lot of sunlight, it can also lose its colour over time. Make sure your room has enough area for dark curtains if you’re considering choosing them. In addition, they work better when coupled with lighter-coloured furniture and walls since, otherwise, they could clash.

Still, trying to decide what colour to choose for your commercial space? Try our curtain visualiser to help you better visualise your imagination. We at I Love Curtains offer a range of quality window furnishing that meet our client’s schedules and exceed their expectations. Call us at 1300 393 266 for all your curtain needs!