There are two major categories of external home shading installations available today, fixed and adjustable awnings. Both awning varieties offer the advantages of simple construction and operation, easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness. However, if you choose to install fixed awnings and you live in southern Australia, during the late summer, temperatures can still be high. With the sun’s angle low enough to shine beneath fixed awning positions, there can be extra heat and glare entering your windows. During the late winter months, when you and your household would welcome even slight warmth from the sun, your awning will block any sun rays from entering your windows.

Adjustable awnings will give you more control over sunlight entering the rooms of your home. Since these movable awnings can be operated manually or automatically by motorised systems, they are both effective and convenient. In addition, auto-controlled awnings can be installed with sensors that signal their automatic response to sunlight, rain, wind and snowstorms to protect your windows and conserve energy during extreme weather conditions. They can also be regulated by remote control devises, smart home systems or via smartphone apps.

Benefits of Different Types of External Awnings for Shading Areas of Your Home

Different external awning designs will provide varied benefits and advantages for shading your home’s windows, balconies and deck or patio areas, such as the following:

• Fixed Awnings.
– Horizontal or angled, fixed style awnings are good for shading north windows, or south windows in tropical locations, especially if your home was not built to include eaves. These stationary awnings can be constructed of timber, steel, corrugated sheet metal, cement sheet or polycarbonate sheet. If designed to extend past the sides of your home’s windows, these awnings will shield the windows from sunbeams and glare for a longer period during the year.

• Retractable Awnings.
– Movable, retractable awnings are available in many diverse styles today, including folding arm and pivot arm designs as well as horizontal awning styles operating on wires, rollers or by vertical drop. When not needed, these awnings can be closed completely to admit winter sun into your windows. One disadvantage of some folding arm designs is that they can easily incur wind damage. However, these folding arm varieties can be installed with sensors to auto-close them during harsh weather. A popular new design in retractable awnings is the stainless steel wire guide awning that has vertical drop operation, enabling the awning to run down fixed wires and lock at the bottom to ensure a tight, secure fit.

• Shade Sails and Umbrellas. – Shade sails can be purchased off the store shelf or custom made to suit specific spaces. They can even be created at home. Made from knitted polyethylene material that can be bought with varied degrees of light-blocking capacity and UV protection, these shade sails are fairly easy to install with strong fixtures. They are also sold in waterproofed fabric for rain protection of windows, terraces and balconies. Umbrellas are lightweight, easy to operate and colourful additions to your home property.

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