In France, you will see shutters or blinds on almost all windows. In fact, blinds have been an essential item of French home decor for a long time. In past years, French residents in different regions, or departments, of the country had designated colours for exterior home shutters. When traveling through different areas, you could tell what department you were passing through according to the shutter colours on the houses. These designated shutter colours are no longer required, although homeowners in some regions still adhere to use of their traditional shutter hues.

Creating a French inspired Bedroom Makeover Using Window Blinds

Classical French decor typically included gentle, pleasing colours, ornate furniture, soft surfaces and stylish window blinds. These furnishings were designed to create an attractive room interior with the ideal combination of romantic allure, restful charm, and opulent fashion. Contemporary French interior design may range from classic traditional to countryside Provençal to high-fashion urban chic. When adopting your favourite French mode of decor for use in refurbishing your bedroom, the following style features may be of some help:

• Traditional French Classic. – Typical traditional French classic decor for your bedroom will feature ornately carved or gilded furniture with silk or satin brocade upholstered seats and decorative wall tapestries. Velvet upholstered settees (couches) and crushed velvet or silk Roman blinds are also decor favourites for bedroom interiors in classic Versailles style.

• Provençal (French Country). –
Provençal style decor named after Provence, a region in the southeast of France, has the style and ambiance of fresh, beautiful countryside. Natural colours and textures are dominant, and typical items of decor include natural timbre tables, countertops, and cabinets. Cabinet doors are often designed with a series of small glass pane panels set in natural wood framing. Marble benchtops and stone or ceramic tiling for floors are also commonly used. Another common feature is Venetian style window blinds of lightly polished natural wood in regular or narrow slats.

• Contemporary Urban Chic. –
Modern city houses and apartments typically display beautifully woven or printed fabric roller blinds in varied patterns and designs for bedroom interiors. Aluminium Venetian blinds are also quite popular in soothing pastels or bright, vibrant hues. Metallic colours in Venetian blinds are also widely used in contemporary minimalist or industrial style apartments and lofts.

When you consult the window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in conjunction with Eyecon Interior Solutions located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will benefit from top caliber advice concerning your plans for a French inspired bedroom makeover using window blinds. Our experienced professionals will guide you to selecting the ideal type, style and material in window blinds to strengthen and enhance your choice of old-style Versailles, rural Provençal or contemporary urban chic decor for your fashionable French bedroom update.