If you own or operate a hotel, inn or bed and breakfast today, you know that selecting the ideal attractive and practical window treatments is important for providing appealing and convenient guestroom decor. Every traveler appreciates staying in appealing guest accommodations with inviting, stylish and comfortable furnishings.

Especially since different people have definite preferences for the amount of daylight admitted through windows when they are napping or want to sleep late, window treatment types and materials should be selected carefully. It is important to attempt to choose attractive coverings for guestroom windows that will satisfy the greatest number of your guests.

Ideal Window Treatment Choices for Guestroom Decor in Hotels, Inns and B&Bs

Some excellent selections for guestroom window treatments in your hotel, inn, or B&B today include the following:

• Roller Blinds. Attractive roller blinds as window treatments in guestrooms are easily operated and durable. Made of colourful fabrics, slender wooden slats, patterned vinyl or other fabricated materials, these blinds can be operated manually by a cord or automatically with installation of an auto-track system and use of a remote control device.

Because they roll up and downward smoothly and evenly, guests of all ages can easily operate these practical blinds. Since they provide an opaque window covering when closed, roller blinds are ideal for guests who may want to sleep at various hours of the day or early evening.

• Curtains and Drapes. – Curtains in sheer, flowing fabrics are often favourite window dressing styles in warm or tropical climates and during the summer months in many locations. Designed in soft sold colours, neutral shades or lightly patterned or textured fabrics, they filter out the sun’s glare while admitting pleasing outdoor light into guestrooms.

However, for an ideal sleeping environment, it is often best to install heavier drapery over these filmy curtains. These drapes of thicker fabric in colours and patterns that complement the lightweight under-curtains can either serve as bordering side drapes when open or cover the windows completely when closed for a darker, restful room atmosphere. These curtains and drapes can also be operated manually or by automatic tracking systems and remote control devices.

• Venetian Blinds. Sleek, attractive Venetian blinds in enamel-painted aluminium or slim natural timbre slats are popular and appealing window coverings for guestrooms. In guest establishments that feature floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and windows, vertical blinds are an excellent choice.

In rooms with smaller window designs, horizontal blinds are good selections. These blinds are durable, attractive and easy to operate manually or by automatic track installations with remote control mechanisms. If desired for enhancing room decor, stationary side curtains can be hung as colourful or sedate borders to accent and emphasize these stylish window blinds.

By consulting our window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in conjunction with Eyecon Interior Solutions located in Nunawading, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you can obtain ultimate quality window furnishings for the guestrooms in your hotel, inn, or B&B. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will ensure that you select the ideal types, styles and materials in highly fashionable and functional window treatments for the convenience, relaxation and enjoyment of all of your guests.