Historic classic window treatments for your home or business office are attractive and functional. They will also blend with many varied styles of decor, from vintage to ultra-modern. Because these classic fashions in window dressings are elegant with simplistic, tasteful designs, they will complement and enhance the other elements of your rooms’ interior decor.

Classic style window treatments are also made of traditional materials such as beautifully grained timbre, sleek aluminium, smooth vinyl or pleasing neutral, single-colour or gently patterned fabrics. Regardless of the type of window dressing you may choose to cover and adorn your home or office windows, when you select a traditional classic style, you simply cannot go wrong.

Selecting the Best Historic Classic Window Treatments for Your Home or Office

If you are ready to select new styles in traditional classic window treatments for your home or office setting, you may be wondering what will best suit each room’s decor. Some ideal types and designs that can enhance both business and residential settings include the following:

• Classic Venetian or Roller Blinds. – Classic styles in window blinds such as enameled aluminium Venetian blinds or roller blinds made of textured vinyl or sleek bamboo strips lend a quiet sense of calm and stability to a room’s interior and are never overbearing or overstated. Because of their simply finished surfaces and patterns and their quiet colouration and/or patterns, these blinds are pleasing to most everyone while serving their purpose of aligning with other items of room decor and shielding your windows from harsh sunlight or glaring street and vehicle lights at night.

• Traditional Timbre Shutters. – Lustrous, richly grained traditional styles in timbre window shutters are always attractive choices for either residential or commercial building windows. Whether you select shutter designs to be installed on the inside or outside of your windows, they will lend a quality of elegance and natural beauty to your home or office. You can choose the wood stain or finish that you prefer to best complement your windows and decor. In addition, you can have your shutters customised to include cut-out designs or carved motifs, and you can choose between plank or timbre slat shutters as you like.

• Classic Curtains or Drapery. – Some home or business owners prefer classic curtain or drapery fabrics to dress their home or office windows. Because it is normally thicker and more durable than many curtain fabrics, drapery material is often favored for use in offices. There are myriad different patterns and colour combinations available today in drapery material of the classic mode, making it possible to find the ideal drapes to adorn your windows. If, however, you decide on lighter weight curtain fabrics as attractive traditional window treatments, you will also have countless fabrics, colours and designs from which to choose.

When you seek the advice of our window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice concerning designs and styles as well as installation services for historic classic window dressings of your choice. With the aid of our highly experienced professionals, you will select the ideal type, design and materials for the ultimate fashionable and functional window treatments to adorn your home or office windows while adding classic style and flair to your current interior decor.

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