When selecting drapes and curtains to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for hotel window treatments, you will have a huge array of fabrics, patterns and colour combinations from which to choose. Especially during the cold and blustery winter months, hotel guests welcome warm, vibrant colours that seem to embrace and enhance the overall room’s decor.

When staying in a guest room that invites them in and surrounds them with rich hues, luxurious or crafts style fabrics in designs and patterns that relax the eyes and help visitors rest comfortably, hotel guests form positive feelings about their accommodations. Most likely, they will book another stay at your attractive and friendly establishment either during the holidays or soon after.

Ideal Hotel Window Treatments With Drapes and Curtains That Ensure a Cozy Feel for Guests

Using engaging, inspiring drapery and curtain fabrics with unique and innovative patterns and colour combinations, you will draw your hotel guests into their guest rooms, enticing them through the unique decor of the interior to relax, settle in and thoroughly enjoy every moment of their stay. A happy, contented guest is most often a returning guest who will most likely become a loyal customer. This guest is then very likely to book many delightful visits to your attractive hotel with its warm interiors and specialized spatial design and decoration.

Ideal window treatments for hotel guest accommodations using specialized fabrics and designs in drapery and curtains that give each guest a cozy, welcome feeling include the following:

  • Colourful Splash-Print Curtains. – When you decorate the windows of hotel guest rooms with active and colourful splash-print fabrics that resemble free-form, creative paint splashes on fresh cotton or linen-weave curtains, your guests will be compelled to relax, yet stay active mentally, thinking of all the exciting and pleasurable activities they want to enjoy while away from home.

This type of curtain fabric is also very good for children, keeping them in a buoyant mood while it calms their restlessness as they focus visually on the colourful display of this lively fabric design.

  • Opaque Drapery Printed or Woven with Spiraling Patterns. – If you hang opaque drapes with printed or woven spiraling patterns at the windows of hotel guest rooms, they have the effect of energizing guests while keeping them from feeling bogged down with details of their travel arrangements or changing itineraries. Any bothersome aspects of their travel plans will seem less problematic as the motion of the drapery designs gives them the feeling of activity and accomplishment.

Whether these intriguing window treatments are in black and white or brightly hued mixtures of coloration, they will continue to create a pleasing sense of motion, order and organization, making any obstacles to the trip or vacation plans seem to be resolving themselves. Guests will feel comfortable, at home away from home and content.

When you consult the window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs and installation services for window treatments of many types and designs. Whether you want to include attractive and engaging drapery or curtains in the interior decor of your modern hotel guest suites and rooms, these experienced professionals will assist you in making ultimate quality, innovative selections of unique fabric textures, patterns and colours to please and benefit all guests throughout their visits at your charming hotel.