Whether you’re a patient or just a visitor, staying in the hospital is not a pleasant experience for many people. Some people can even describe it as a scary place, not because it has weird creatures lurking in the dark, but because it is a place filled with people who suffer from different types of illnesses, some of which can even be highly contagious. In this regard, it is vital for hospital administrators to make sure that everything is well-cleaned and sanitised to avoid the spread of bacterial infections for the welfare of everyone who are inside the hospital premises. It is always important to consider that apart from the usual beddings being used by patients, privacy curtains must also be given utmost attention.

Privacy curtains are barriers that help secure patients and preserve their dignity by remaining unseen from the public eye. These curtains also help the hospital staff to maintain a sterile environment especially when doing sensitive procedures. With prolonged use and the added demands for regular cleaning with strong chemicals, these curtains need to be thick, strong, and sturdy in order function well and last longer.

Sourcing out a trustworthy trader is one of the most important things that really matter when privacy curtains are needed by hospitals. The trader that hospital administrators should choose must be the kind that also deals with a reliable and trustworthy curtains and blinds’ supplier and manufacturer like Eyecon Interior Solutions.

Privacy curtains for hospitals must meet high standards of quality and durability that will endure day-to-day challenges like heavy and repetitive use by people, microbial attacks and infections, stains, odours and other contaminants, and strong disinfectants wherein some can be mildly caustic or acidic.

Finding the Right Hospital Privacy Curtain

Hospital administrators should always keep in mind that to find the right hospital privacy curtain, they must also find the right tradespeople who is supplied by the best curtain and blinds manufacturer.

  • A thick flame retardant fabric can be beneficial because it is considered tough and durable even through high temperatures
  • Anti-static to prevent interference with some hospital equipment
  • Anti-microbial curtain fabric especially made for rooms with patients that require extra care
  • Hypo-allergenic and no lead content that may come from paint especially for printed ones
  • Must be made from non-toxic and non-carcinogenic raw materials

Understanding the right requirements and the special needs of both patients, and hospital staff will be a great help in choosing the right fabric for hospital privacy curtains. Likewise, the importance of choosing the best supplier and manufacturer of curtains and that is Eyecon Interior Solutions.