When you select contemporary designs and materials in attractive track guided blinds for your large office windows, you and your staff members can easily adjust the blinds with a single touch. With these convenient automated blinds in place as appealing and practical window treatments, you can regulate the amount of natural light and direct sunlight entering your offices.

No more annoyance with tangled cords or chains to control the position of your blinds. Your updated track blinds also form a seamless surface between each window frame and blind. This smooth seal offers better insulation, temperature regulation and lower energy costs during the frigid cold of winter and sweltering days of summer.

Ideal Choices of Blinds and Tracks for Your Company’s Large Office Windows

Excellent selections for fashionable and functional blinds and tracks as treatments for your company’s large office windows include the following:

• Vertical Blinds. – This type of blinds is in high demand for installation on large office windows and sliding glass doors. They can increase the visual perception of height of the viewer, making any room or reception area seem more spacious and open. With these stylish blinds enhancing the decor in your office, conference room or employee lounge and café, you and your staff will benefit from easy regulation of bright sunlight at your windows while enjoying privacy during important meetings with clients or business associates.

Vertical blinds are very cost-effective and lend sleek elegance and style to your office decor. Contemporary vertical blinds are often made of durable polyester fabric in myriad colours and textures. This synthetic fabric is composed of fibres that are more resistant to daily wear and tear than many natural fabrics. Other materials used to produce vertical blinds include vinyl, wood or aluminium.

• Panel Blinds. – These modern blinds designs are ideal for large office windows and glass doors. They are also in popular use as room dividers that can be easily moved and adjusted via a well-coordinated tracking network operated by a wand. Normally installed with a wall mount, they can be opened and closed from either side or from the centre. When mounted on the ceiling, your panel blinds become convenient room dividers. When manufactured of sheer, light fabric, they lend an open, airy ambiance to your office interiors. If you choose heavier fabrics or vinyl for your blinds, you will gain more privacy for meetings and conferences.

These blinds are created from flat panels that are connected to a head-rail mechanism with carriers that are roll-mounted. In the open position, the panels glide smoothly to stack behind one another. When closed, your sliding blinds form an attractive screen to separate a large interior space into sections. Block-out, sunscreen and translucent fabric screens are available.

When you consult our experts at I Love Blinds, a division of Eyecon Interior Solutions in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive top caliber advice, designs and installation services for your ideal blinds and tracks to enhance the large windows of your company offices. This experienced team of professionals will ensure that your office window treatments update is completed to ensure chic elegance and practical convenience. Your sleek new track blinds will please your staff, clients and business associates with highest degrees of tasteful fashion and creative flair.