Busy hospitals and other medical institutions can benefit greatly by the installation of attractive yet practical, easily operated curtains and blinds for patient treatment areas, medical staff offices and conference rooms. This window treatments must be made of durable materials that can withstand the wear-and-tear of busy medical treatment and consulting areas. Inpatient rooms and suites need window coverings that can be easily opened and closed or adjusted to block or admit natural light as needed or desired.

These patient accommodation areas also need sturdy, but relatively lightweight curtains to separate double-occupancy rooms for privacy and patient treatments when needed. Fortunately, there are many appealing and durable materials used today to produce curtains, drapes and blinds that are ideal choices for use in medical settings.

Modern Curtains and Blinds Suitable for Use in Hospitals and Other Medical Institutions

The following designs in modern curtains, drapery and blinds are well-suited for use in busy hospital settings and other medical institutions:

• Drapery over Sheer Curtains. – When attractive drapes in pleasing colours and patterns are installed over sheer curtains of a light hue or neutral shade, medical staff and patients gain the benefit of having all exterior light from windows completely or partially blocked, as needed. With the drapery drawn closed, the room’s interior will be darkened for a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

Whenever soft natural light is desired, the drapes can be opened so that the underlying sheer curtains can admit soft, glowing daylight or sunshine. If more light is wanted, the curtains can also be opened to allow direct or indirect sunlight to enter the windows. Both drapery and curtains can be track-mounted for easy and quiet remote controlled operation.

• Roman Blinds. – These blinds, available in a wide array of materials and colours, are a practical and appealing solution for window treatments in hospitals and other medical facilities today. Roman Blinds can be purchased in sturdy fabrics, vinyls and other plastics or composite materials. They are easy to raise or lower to the desired position for best controlling the amount of natural light admitted to a patient room or treatment center during different times of the day.

When privacy or a soothing, calm atmosphere is wanted, these blinds can be easily closed completely to block outside light from entering windows. Magnetic Roman Blinds maintain whatever level they are raised or lowered to, as needed, during daylight and night hours. These blinds can also be installed with auto-operating remote control to enable staff members to quickly and simply raise and lower the blinds.

When you consult the curtains, blinds and other window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in collaboration with Eyecon Interior Solutions, located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive comprehensive advice and the latest designs in window treatment types. Whether your preference is attractive and practical drapery or curtains, or a combination of both, our experienced professionals will guide you to making the ideal choices to best suit the preferences and requirements of your medical institution.

If you prefer advanced Roman Blinds colours and designs for your hospital or medical treatment center window coverings, our experts will show you a wide variety of selections that will be ideal for meeting your specifications and needs. Our fine team of window treatment pros will also demonstrate use of the latest in track mountings and remote control devices for your new drapes, curtains or blinds.