As a commercial building manager, you want to have energy-efficient window curtains, especially in the dog days of the summer heat in this area. You have several options from which to choose. Not only should your summer window curtains help you to be energy efficient in the summer, but you need one solution for energy savings in the winter, fall and spring too. You have many choices of excellent types of window treatment products from which to choose that will pay for themselves quickly in your reduction of energy costs. Here is how you can keep commercial offices cool this summer with the right curtains from Eyecon Interior Solutions.

Blackout Curtains

There are many patterns and textures available when it comes to blackout curtains, and the colour and design of your curtains is important. A darker tone can give the room you are redecorating a more professional and elegant feel, but they will also make the room hotter; darker colours absorb more heat.

Try Lighter Colours and Shades

Light fabric colours are more reflective with lower heat gain and shading coefficients, but they have a higher percentage of daylight and sunlight that will come into space. Light colours get brighter when the sunlight is on them and they can cause glare on screens and eyestrain. Light fabrics are more difficult to see through when looking outside. Darker colours give you a better view through the shade cloth to the outside and they absorb light and can generate heat, making them less energy efficient than lighter colours. Darker fabrics transmit less light and surface brightness in a room so they have great glare-reducing properties.

For the summer try going for lighter shades. Any colour can completely block out the sun, but temperature management changes according to the shade you choose. If you want that streamlined feel without the heat, consider a darker shade of blue or green.

Sheer Curtains

Of course, if you want to enjoy the summer sun, sheer curtains are the way to go. They let the light in, preserve your view, allow for a little extra privacy and (as a bonus) they do help keep out pesky insects that may be trying to get in. As the light goes through a proper set of sheer curtains it will soften, giving the room a calm relaxing vibe. This makes them ideal for a living room or any room where you spend a significant amount of your day.

Year-Round Savings on Commercial Window Curtains

Commercial window curtains are made much more durable and they are much longer-lasting than household window curtains. Not only do you get the premium fabrics in a commercial window treatment, but also the motorized models are built to be super tough for many years to come. You will save money not only in the heat of the summer but in the winter when you can have your shading system closed to block out the cold air from entering your space. This, in turn, gives your heating system a break in the winter and your cooling system a break in the summer and it allows you to use each of them less, which in turn extends the life of your HVAC system. This makes automated commercial window treatments a win-win situation for any commercial space.