You have a wide variety of fabrics from which to make your selection today for curtains. If you do not select the right one for the goal that you have in mind for yours, you will not be satisfied with the final results. Selecting curtains for your commercial property  or building takes knowledge beyond what width and length of them to purchase to fit your windows in the ideal manner. To achieve the maximum effect that curtains or drapes can provide windows, you must also understand how the fabric that you select for them affects their overall design and quality.

Zepel is a textile brand designed in Australia and Europe that sources the highest quality drapery and upholstery fabrics to suit our active lifestyles and harsh climate.  Using the latest technologies and an extensive laboratory testing program, Zepel provides fabric solutions for any environment, commercial or residential.

Know the Importance of Stain-Resistant Zepel Fabrics for Your Curtains

Using the latest technology, beautiful fabrics are being designed to provide optimum performance, even in the harshest conditions. There are many different stain resistant finishes and treatments in the market these days and more and more people are looking for an easy to clean solution to protect their investment from day to day accidents, wear and tear. During a soil or stain repellent finishing process, chemicals are applied to either the yarn (pre weaving) or finished fabric, creating a barrier that inhibits absorption of spills and aids in the easy removal of soiling or stains from the fabric.

Inherent Stain Resistance Construction

A process whereby the molecular structure of the fibre/yarns used to produce a fabric have been engineered to possess stain resistant characteristics. The stain resistant nature of these products will remain true for the full life of the product as it is inherent in the yarn and therefore cannot be washed out.

Stain Resistant Treatment

A chemical process whereby a fabric has a stain resistant treatment applied onto the yarn retrospectively, or after the fabric has been produced. The treatment creates a barrier on top of the fabric. Stain resistant treated textiles can be more affordable than inherently Stain Resistant fabrics. The lifetime of the treatment cannot be guaranteed as it can dissipate in time through wear or washing. This finish acts to buy some time to quickly remove a spill from the surface with a dry cloth, acting as a temporary barrier.

I Love Curtains, a subsidiary of Eyecon Interior Solutions, is emerging as a tech-driven distruptor in the readymade curtains market. I Love Curtains had been designed specifically to enable blinds specialists to enter the curtains market.

A key feature of the company’s offering is Easy Made, a national three-step curtain ordering program with the specific aim of simplifying the curtain buying process. Retailers are demanding the same ease of ordering of their curtains as they have had with their blinds. A simpler process of selecting fabrics and tracks and having them manufactured and supplied directly from the wholesaler is the future of curtain manufacturing.

This is something we at I Love Curtains have embraced and which has evolved as our core product. Curtain wholesalers have traditionally been referred to as part of a “cottage industry” supplying only a manufacturing service. We are now creating our own curtaining solution with custom sample books, offering a finished product.