Curtain tracks and rails systems are in popular use for both residential and commercial window treatments operation today. They are a great convenience, especially in rooms with windows that get direct sunlight during daytime hours. With the use of simple, automated remote controls, curtains, roller blinds and drapes can be opened and closed partially or completely, easily and quickly.

These modern track systems also keep your window coverings from bunching during operation or pulling off of old-fashioned hooks used to hang curtains on rails for manual operation. Window dressings that operate on automatic track systems also look neat, giving your windows an attractive appearance.

The Most Popular Uses of Curtain Track and Rail Systems Today

Automated curtain track and rail systems are most commonly used in the following ways:

• Panel Curtain Systems. – With this type of track system installed, you can easily control the amount of natural light entering your living room, bedroom or work space at your office. These convenient panel systems can also be used to separate a large room into several different spaces. When installed on large floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass walls, these track systems enable your curtains or drapes to be opened or closed to whatever degree you desire to eliminate the glare of bright sunlight while admitting some natural daylight.

• Roman Blinds Systems. – These attractive and practical blinds can be operated either manually or by automated track systems. The blinds may be made of light, filmy fabrics or heavier, textured curtain material. They may also be designed as lined curtains. When operated on electrical tracking systems, your blinds can be raised or lowered with ease to any desired height according to the amount of natural light you want to admit to your room or office. These automated track systems are regulated to accommodate different blinds fabric weights to ensure that your blinds move up and downward smoothly.

• Cubicle Curtain Track Systems. – These convenient, sturdy and reliable curtain track systems are frequently used by hospitals and health care centers today. Patient rooms can be divided to accommodate two patient beds, and busy examining rooms can be separated into private sections by these helpful curtain dividers. Although some of these cubicle curtains are still manually opened and closed, many now operate on efficient automated track or rail systems.

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