If your windows or need enhancement in 2018, you may want to know the current trends for curtains. When you install according to the new ‘in’ curtain styles and colours, it brings your house up to date for all to behold. Visitors will marvel at your fresh and exciting window enhancements.

Bold Colours are Back

In 2018, rich, bold colours, such as jewel tones, will be trending along with the pastels of past years. The truth is that you will have a larger range of curtain colours in 2018 in comparison to previous years, including shimmery metallic ones. This allows you higher flexibility in dressing your windows for that fact.

Innovative Patterns

Fabric patterns for curtains are highly innovative in 2018. Certain designs even make your eyes dance with their geometric shapes, colours and layouts. Patterns range from modern to traditional and even ornate, though, in order for you to match your home’s style in an attractive, appropriate fashion.

Floor to Ceiling Curtain Lengths

Curtain lengths that go from the floor to the ceiling will be all the rage this year. Not only can you enhance your windows, but you also can accentuate the wall area above and below the windows. On top of this, these lengths are ideal for the custom dimensions of today’s windows.

Use of Sheers Will Trend in 2018 to Allow Natural Light to Flow Gently Into the Room

Sheers have never been as popular as they will be in 2018. These are just thin curtains that allow the light to filter through in a pleasant manner while still providing a bit of privacy from the outside world.

Curtains Will Turn a Window Into a Focal Point

Instead of windows being more functional than decorative, they will be the focal points in the room. They will make a bold statement all on their own with the curtain trends and colours for 2018.

Trims are ‘in’ for 2018

One more 2018 curtain trend that will be ‘in’ all throughout the year is trims of a variety of styles and sizes. From a bit of lace or crochet-type trim along the bottom edge of short curtains to full-blown valances and swags in all their glory, you will have magnificent options from which to select to bring out the best in your curtains.

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