In today’s environmentally conscious and concerned workplace, company leaders along with office building and factory owners or managers understand the importance of installing appropriate window treatments and coverings for the protection of all company executives and employees. Attractive window blinds of varied styles and materials that shield workers in commercial buildings from excessive heat in summer and frigid winter temperatures are very desirable and a healthy investment for businesses.

Fashionable window blinds that block bright, distracting sunlight from the workplace during warm months are also advantageous to operating a productive company. These weather-protective window dressings are also energy-saving elements of your office decor, lowering cooling costs in summer and the cost of heating office space during winter. Of course, today’s office blinds varieties offer heights of style and sophistication while they lend soothing, sedate colours or bright, inspiring hues to enhance the overall office design and decor.

Qualities that Make Window Blind Styles Ideal for Office Decor

Different types and styles of window blinds and the varied qualities and features they offer for commercial offices, factories and other workplaces today include the following blinds varieties currently available on the commercial interior decor market:

• Vertical Blinds. – Large windows, floor-to-ceiling glass panels or sliding glass doors in commercial offices and other business settings are the ideal place for installation of vertical blinds. Cost-efficient and highly attractive, they offer both practical value and aesthetic enhancement to company facility interiors. Easily adjusted, these blinds provide simple and complete regulation of the amount of outside light entering a commercial setting. In the open position, these window treatments allow the full flow of natural sunlight into commercial interiors. With just subtle adjustments, staff members can limit the admission of exterior light to a soft, filtered glow or no light at all with blinds in the closed position. When manufactured in blockout plain, multi-coloured or textured fabrics and soft vinyls, these blinds are equipped with a blockout backing or lining for added protection of workers and office furnishings from exposure to UV rays.

• Honeycomb Blinds. – These fashionable blinds are designed with pleats that capture and hold air, forming a thermal covering for your windows. If you select styles that filter outside light, often called DuoLight or Light-Filtering blinds, they will let just the right amount of soft, pleasing sunlight into your rooms to give your commercial interiors a fresh, uplifting ambiance that is conducive to productivity by employees. Double-Light-Filtering, or DuoShade blinds are known for their energy conserving features, due to the fact that they are lined with reflecting strips of aluminium that ensure complete light and heat blockout when installed as commercial window coverings in your place of business.

• Timber Venetian Blinds. – These handsome blinds made of finely crafted woods are designed for easy regulation of outside light entering a room through use of tilting wooden slats. Whether painted to complement your overall office or factory decor or finished with elegant or rustic wood stains, these classic or ultra-modern styles have a unique beauty and presence of their own. In very damp or hot climates, a better choice for window treatments that will be long-lasting and effective, may be faux timber blinds made of polymers that will not crack or warp with use.

By consulting the experts at I Love Blinds of EYECON Interior Solutions, you will obtain top-tier guidance in selecting the ideal window blinds for your commercial offices, factory or other business facilities. This highly experienced team of professionals will provide you with the very best designs and installations of fine quality blinds currently available to complete and enhance all aspects of your company’s commercial premises today in Melbourne and all surrounding regions.