It is important to choose Australian-made window curtains for your residential and commercial needs. They normally offer high-quality fabrics and designs for all types of windows. Also, products made locally are manufactured to the highest standards, so when you purchase Australian made you know that it is made with the highest quality that is built to last. Aside from that you can also make sure that you significantly contribute to economic development. If you support local production and jobs by purchasing Australian made window furnishings, not only will you be contributing to the economic development, but also the jobs that support families. Order these from wholesale supplier Eyecon Interior Solutions Pty Ltd.

Source Residential and Commercial Australian-Made Window Curtains Locally

Order your high quality fabrics and designs for all types of windows from none other than a store that services your locality. We at Eyecon Interior Solutions Pty Ltd are based in Melbourne but we are servicing the whole of Australia. Our company serves a client base ranging from retailers, interior designers, contractors, builders and developers. Our installation and manufacturing portfolio consist of residential homes, small to large apartment blocks, commercial offices, schools and universities, medical centres, hospitals and more. Our team of installers have years of experience and our manufacturing team has over 50 years collectively. With that kind of expertise, you can be reassured that our service and advice is of first class.

Get Your Residential and Commercial Australian Made Window Curtains from Experts

We at Eyecon Interior Solutions Pty Ltd are known for being a wholesale manufacturing company of window furnishings focusing on providing first class products and exceptional service to our clients. We offer a full spectrum of products and services for window coverings, including but not limited to custom made curtains, pelmets, roman blinds and tracking. Basically, if it hangs on a window, we can make it. Having owned and operated businesses covering the fields of wholesale manufacturing, residential and commercial sales and installation, we have a wealth of knowledge and is always more than happy to share it.

Ensure Durability and Sustainability for High Quality Fabrics and Designs for All Types of Windows

The current trend with manufacturers is shifting toward engineering residential and commercial window treatments using materials that are both durable and sustainable. In other words, you won’t need to replace them as often, and you can recycle them once you are done with them. Many of the organic materials include recycled cotton, hemp, flax and wool repurposed into beautiful, eco-friendly window treatments. Choose the best commercial window treatments from Eyecon Interior Solutions. We provide quality window furnishings that meet our clients’ schedules and exceed their expectations.