Attractive window treatments that rate highly for both fashion and functionality are major elements of a room’s overall style and design. These window dressings have more influence on the visual effects of a room’s interior decor than many people realise. If you are in the process of choosing coverings for your windows, you may be having difficulty deciding between Roman blinds and roller blinds. While Roman blinds are an older, long-enduring, classic window treatment, roller blinds are relatively modern. Both have definite attributes and advantages as well as some drawbacks, according to your own home’s design and your decor preferences and needs.

Main Differences and Similarities of Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds

Roller blinds and Roman blinds have definite differences and similarities in style and functionality, such as the following:

• Adaptability to Room Decor. – Roller blinds are the more popular type in use today since they are available in myriad types of fabric or vinyl, giving a simplified, contemporary ambiance to room decor. You can order customised designs, and they are also sold in many different ready-made sizes and styles suitable for most window shapes and sizes today. However, Roman blinds must be custom-ordered according to your window dimensions and often have an older, more traditional look than roller blinds.

Roman blinds are attractive on smaller windows. Roman blinds are also best if you want to combine them with drapes, and for this combination, sheer Romans under heavier drapery material are ideal. Roller blinds are the most cost-effective, so you can order them in multiple colours, patterns and styles, changing your window treatments periodically for a new look and interior atmosphere.

• Insulation and Privacy.
– Both types of blinds can help keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter by providing some degrees of insulation at your windows. However, Roman blinds are often made of heavy fabric with a double lining, so they can offer excellent insulating effects during both winter and summer. Roman blinds can also block out exterior light while providing complete privacy for your bedrooms and other rooms of your home as desired. Roller blinds can also provide some levels of privacy if they are made of heavy, closely woven fabric or from opaque vinyl or composite materials.

• Maintenance. – Since roller blinds are made of a single piece of fabric or other material fitted on a roller for easy operation, they are relatively easy to clean, and most models today have a dirt and stain resistant finish. However, Roman blinds, which fold neatly as they open, will retain more dust and dirt over time and are more difficult to keep clean. Especially in kitchens where cooking grease and stains can accumulate, it is better to choose roller blinds for your window treatments. Both of these blinds varieties can be installed to operate either manually with a cord or by a remote-controlled automatic mechanism.

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