Combining Roman blinds and curtains in the interior design of a room can make a stylish and fresh fashion statement. When you create window treatment pairs of this type, the windows become featured elements of colour, texture and pattern. Your windows also gain dimensions and dynamics that affect the overall impact and allure of the room’s decor.

By selecting blinds and curtains that complement one another and form pleasing balances of form, weight and volume, you can fashion a unique, attractive window dressing that will wear well while offering long-term stylistic appeal and easy functionality for everyday use.

Making Ideal Stylish Choices When Combining Roman Blinds and Curtains

By selecting ideal combinations of Roman blinds and curtains for a room interior at home or in your office, you can create a stylish and stunning window treatment while setting the fashion mode of your room. The following tips can be of help in pairing the best designs and colours in blinds and curtains:

• Pair Solid Colours and Patterns. – Avoid pairing two print designs when combining Roman blinds and curtains for a window treatment. Choosing an identical pattern for both will be overpowering, and selecting two patterns that complement one another will make your windows the focal point of the room with their abundance of active colours and textures.

By choosing blinds in a solid colour that complements the pattern of your curtain fabric, you will have a winning fashionable combination. If your blinds are made of natural timbre, use either a patterned curtain fabric that highlights the natural timbre hues or a solid colour in a textured material that accentuates the richly grained wood of your blinds.

• Install High and Wide. – If you install Roman blinds at a height just a few inches beneath the room’s ceiling, the visual perception of your room will become taller and the windows will also seem to gain height. A standard or even small window will appear significantly larger.

After installing the blinds, place your curtain rod at the same height, but extended from 30 to 60 cm. beyond the width of the window. Using this technique, you will open up the entire room, making it seem much more spacious.

• Accessorise with Pelmets.
– When you place pelmets (attractive frames) above your windows, they will conceal your blinds and curtains fixtures while enhancing your window treatment designs.

Pelmets can also be used to emphasize colours and textures that you want to stand out the most in the room’s decor. They serve as both practical and decorative room interior accessories while adding a pleasing finishing touch to an attractive window dressing.

When you consult the window treatment experts at I Love Blinds located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive top-tier advice, window treatment designs and installation services for your home or business interiors.

Our experienced professionals will guide you toward selecting the ideal combination of Roman blinds and curtains to accentuate and enhance your overall room decor.