Choosing hotel curtains are one of the most crucial decisions in setting a uniform hotel room. The design you pick and the ultimate outcome must complement everything in the room, otherwise it is off and it could significantly stain the reputation of your business. Luckily, below are the most important steps to remember when choosing hotel curtains

Ensure Accurate Sizing for Hotel Curtains

It is important that you ensure that you measure all the various options and document the information clearly. A wrong measurement is the downfall of most project so it is only best to carefully note the sizing before purchasing. Most people don’t find out the mistakes in measurement until it’s too late. Don’t be those people. Others would opt for a tad bigger in size since it would provide more coverage. Generally, window measurements are done through a certain rule of thumb. This states that you should go 15cm past on each side of the window recess – therefore 30cm total and go 15cm above the window and then finish at the desired length.

Choose a Design Suited for the Rooms

It is best to go through various room shots that you find appealing. From there, you should understand which treatments are required for the best finish and what is expected for your level of accommodation. Most people pick either blackout curtains or Roman blinds. Remember to consider curtain track spreads, angles and brackets.

Opt for Flame-Retardant Fabrics

Some spaces require flame retardant fabrics that are certified to the required standards. This means that you need to work with a contract furnishings company that has market knowledge and can supply curtains and fabrics. However, this doesn’t meant that you have to sacrifice your plethora of preference. It just reminds you to prioritise safety.

Carefully Assess Curtain Style and Pricing

Look at the common trend for hotel curtains and find out if it suits your business. They are popular for a reason, so why not try it out. Also, when it comes to pricing – coordinate with what you want and make adjustments based on what you prefer or desire. Most curtain companies operate in highest (with full interior design, manufacture and installation; medium with online contract furnisher with local coverage. Here you can choose your fabrics online and get samples, manufactured and installed as necessary. And lastly for low pricing – this one is about you choosing a fabric and putting all the pieces together. This is commonly done with the help of a seamstress and fabric suppliers being direct from the contract furnishing supplier or from a local retailer. It must be a priority to ensure that your fabrics are compliant to the required laws.