Some home and business owners find it difficult to decide what type of soft window furnishings to install for the most attractive and practical solution to their interior decor preferences and needs. While sheer fabric curtains are light and airy, admitting plenty of bright, natural light through windows, drapes in colourful or subtle, neutral shades offer more protection from the heat and glare of sunlight during certain hours of the day.

These heavier drapery fabrics also offer greater protection in terms of privacy, preventing would-be burglars or other intruders from assessing the extent and value of your home furnishings or office equipment by viewing the interiors of your rooms through partially covered windows.

Layering Sheer Curtains and Drapes for Attractive Decor Effects and Greater Privacy

An ideal solution for installing soft window treatments that provide good levels of privacy while adding subtle contours of colour, style and elegance to the interior decor of your rooms is choosing to  layer sheer curtains and heavier fabric drapes. This pleasing combination of lightweight, translucent and opaque, heavier fabrics can be styled in various ways, such as the following:

• Sheer Curtains over Drapery.
– When you select sheer, soft curtain fabric as an over-layer for opaque drapery material, the effect can be quite attractive. If you choose an appealing, patterned drapery fabric and sheer curtains in a complementary, see-through, soft hue, the volumetric, hazy visual effect resulting can alter and enhance the room’s decor. Bright, bold drapery colours and patterns are pleasingly softened, while the overlay of sheer, single-colour curtains creates a filmy, appealing quality of expansive spacial luxury with sophisticated blending of coloration.

• Drapes Over Sheer Curtains.
– With sheer curtains covering your windows and elegant or rustic drapery fabric in complementary hues and patterns installed as attractive borders on either side, the visual dynamics and impact on your room’s interior design are strengthened and enhanced. When open, these drapes will accentuate and celebrate the light, filmy atmosphere created by the sheer curtain fabric. When in the closed position, the over-layer of drapery fabric will completely cover the soft curtains, lending an entirely new look of contemporary fashion to your room.

• Sheer Curtains with Valence and Border-Drapes.
– When you decide on sheer curtain fabric decorated with beautiful border-drapes and a matching valence above, your windows will be dressed to impress and please. The only major issue with selecting this type of window treatment is that the bordering side drapes can only be extended to partially cover the window, offering limited privacy. The center of each window in the room will be covered only by the sheer, translucent material of the filmy curtains you have chosen to adorn your windows.

When you consult our experts at I Love Blinds ( serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice and finest quality curtain and drapery fabrics and designs for use as highly appealing home or office window dressings. With fashionably layered sheer curtain and drapery fabrics adorning your windows, each room’s interior decor will be emphasized and enhanced. Your selection of the most attractive elegant, rustic or contemporary minimalist window treatment fabrics currently available will add the finishing touches to your unique, stylish room interiors. Contact our experienced, professional window dressing experts today for the very latest in innovative, soft window treatment materials today.