When matching curtain designs with wall colours, your first consideration should be what colour combinations you would like to live among on a daily basis. If there are specific colours or colour groups that you or any member of your household would prefer not to see every day, choose other hues and shades for the window treatments and wall paint in your home.

If you are in charge of redecorating your office suite, it can be helpful to consult your business partners and other co-workers about their favourite and least liked colours before making your final choice of wall paint and curtain designs. Although it is often impossible to please everyone concerned when making changes to your interior decor, a pleasant home or work environment is healthy and inspiring, creating a happier and more productive atmosphere and more positive attitudes.

Helpful Tips for Matching Curtain Designs with Wall Colours for Best Results

Some helpful tips and suggestions for successfully matching curtain designs with wall colours for the best possible results include the following:

• Balance Neutral Shades with Bright Colours. – If your household members or co-workers favour neutral shades, but like a cheerful, inviting environment, choose soft greys, tans or beige tones for the predominant colours in room decor such as wall paint and carpeting. You can then brighten and enliven your home or office interior by adding touches of bright hues in decor accessories like lamp shades, chair cushions and especially in curtain designs. By using curtain fabrics with attractive patterns that include bright yellow-gold, rose-red or deep-sea-blue, you will create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

• Choose Thematic Curtain Patterns and Wall Colours. – If you select curtain designs that create or suggest a theme, this will give the room’s interior a cohesive, pleasing sensibility. For example, by pairing light forest green walls with window curtains in soft gold or deep emerald green with a swirling, airy pattern that creates a wind-blown visual effect, your interior space will have the cool, expansive ambiance of a natural forest scene in springtime or summer. By only suggesting this theme rather than depicting it clearly, you involve the creativity of anyone entering the room in defining its thematic features, meaning and decorative effectiveness.

• Rely on Colours and Designs Found in Nature. – When in doubt, rely on colour and design combinations found in nature for selecting your wall paint and curtain fabric patterns and hues. When you remember that all colours of the spectrum appear together in natural settings without creating a visual conflict, you can be more at ease with making your choices for wall colours and curtain fabrics. Since rough tree bark goes quite pleasingly with soft green foliage that emerges in springtime, and exotic birds often have feathers of every hue, shade and tonality imaginable, there are truly no colours that clash in nature. For this reason, when in doubt, go with your favourite shade of green for your dominant colour, since green occurs in every natural setting with growing vegetation, regardless of the surrounding colours in the environment.

When you consult the window treatment experts at I Love Blinds in conjunction with Eyecon Interior Solutions located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice and highly appealing curtain designs. Our experienced professionals can offer excellent tips concerning ideal fabric colours and patterns to best complement, emphasise and enhance the wall colours of your rooms for the ultimate decor update and attractive interior design effects.