Whether you want blackout curtains or sheers, the fabric you choose will significantly impact the overall design and appeal of your home. Everyone would agree that the right curtains can truly transform a space. Even if you are free to choose any style of curtain, the material you choose will affect how the curtains hang, how much light they can block, and how long they will last.

Each cloth has a distinctive style and its advantages, disadvantages, and unique qualities. They must be chosen following your needs and the appearance you are going for. I Love Curtains will share with you the essentials when choosing the right curtain fabric.

Weight and Density

Choose the curtain fabric with the appropriate density based on the amount of privacy and natural light you want in the space. Your privacy will increase, and thicker, opaque curtains will block more light.

Regarding weight, a thick fabric like velvet or canvas offers better insulation and seclusion. Furthermore, it won’t be carried away by severe winds. To prevent breakdown, the weight should be considered when choosing the curtain rods and accessories.

Colour and Pattern

Always base your curtain fabric selection on the colour scheme of the space. They should seamlessly fit into your home’s general design and decor. The appearance of the room may suffer from poor fabric selection. When selecting the fabric, consider the sofa, cushions, and wall paintings; go with colours and patterns that complement those pieces of furniture.


Another important factor closely tied to the level of privacy you experience is opacity. The weight of the curtain is also relevant because opaque materials are often on the heavier side. They are beneficial for rooms that receive a lot of sunshine because, depending on their degree of opacity, they can either soften the brightness or entirely block it.


Another important factor in choosing curtain fabric is quality. If you want to keep the same curtain for a long time, pick a material that can do the job flawlessly. The ideal material needs to be able to survive exposure to direct sunlight and not fade or disintegrate over time.


Curtains are often intended to last for a considerable amount of time. But while many materials appear exquisite, they require a lot of maintenance. Fabrics made of light cotton and linen can be washed at home, but fabrics made of silk and velvet must be dry-cleaned. Select fabrics that you are confident won’t need much maintenance or replacement for many years to come. If you have kids or pets at home, easy-to-maintain fabrics are also perfect.

The possibilities are unlimited with so many different curtain fabric choices, including sheer, blackout, a wide range of patterns, and every colour in the colour wheel. Think about the curtain usage and frequency. Take risks and exercise all your creativity. Before making any choices, it will be best to speak with a manufacturer.

For professional guidance on the needs, style, and constraints of the space, get in touch with I Love Curtains immediately. We provide a large variety of curtain fabrics across all of Australia.