Fresh trendy curtain colours that accentuate and enhance the current season’s designs can transform a room into an innovative and inviting interior to be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone who lives or works there. It is sometimes amazing just how much individual items of decor can alter the look, atmosphere and appeal of an interior space, and curtains are one of the most influential items of decor.

By visiting interior design showrooms and browsing through online decor supply catalogs, you can see the strong impact that different curtain colours can have on a room’s overall environment. This will make it easier to choose the ideal colours for new curtains to bring fresh fashionable flair and dynamics to the interior spaces of your home or office.

Top Five Trendy Curtain Colours as Ideal Selections for Your Home or Office Interiors

Five new trendy shades of colour for curtains this season that are rapidly growing in popularity include the following:

1. Burnt Sienna Sunset. – This softly energetic earth tone offers quiet warmth and volume to your room’s interior. It brings the strength and enrichment of nature indoors to lend stability and a grounded sensibility to the overall decor of your room. This colour is frequently used as an accent colour in fabric designs and patterns rather than as a major component of a colour scheme. Yet it workings magic when used to emphasize or contrast with lighter or brighter hues.

2. Coral Reef Glow. – This delightful, shimmering shade of coral lends a feeling of ocean life and environments to your interior design. When featured as an important colour component of your room’s decor, this coral tone offers a sheer, effervescent tonality to lift and enliven the surrounding decor. It also seems to reflect brightness from sun rays or indoor lighting, which creates a radiant, fresh atmosphere to blend with other featured hues.

3. Red Flare. – This rich, vibrant shade of crimson is ideal for offering a sharp contrast or accent to neutral gray, sand, or beige tones. When used with predominantly black, charcoal or deep chocolate shades of colour, Red Flare acts as a persistent and extremely pleasing beacon of brightness against its dark, opaque background colours. This vital shade of red actually creates new colour patterns and tones as shimmering layers of tonality interlaced with the darker hues.

4. Twilight Blue. – This misty shade of blue is tinged with velvet-textured navy, teal and deep emerald green. It lends an ambiance of early evening serenity and calmness to any room’s interior design scheme. It combines a pleasing balance of coolness and natural warmth to subdue a room decor that features bright golden, rose or stark white appointments or accessories.

5. Vain Violet. – This radiant shade of violet has an opulent, excessive quality that can be an ideal partner for decor in semi-gloss cream, pebble gray or rose-gold shades of colour. With Vain Violet curtains at the windows of a home or office setting, very little else is needed to accentuate and celebrate the other hues of the decor’s overall palette.

When you consult the experts at I Love Blinds in conjunction with Eyecon Interior Solutions located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice, curtain fabric colours and designs for your home or office window treatments. Our highly regarded professionals will ensure that you make the ideal selections in curtain colours to best highlight and accentuate the major hues and shades of your room interior’s overall decor.