Medical institutions require a wide variety of window treatment materials and designs today. While window furnishings in building lobbies and public areas are often light and airy to admit cheerful outdoor light, treatment rooms must have heavier, opaque coverings for complete privacy and to create a darkened environment when needed. Of course, many laboratories and imaging development rooms must have total darkness at time in order for important work to be properly performed and completed.

Suppliers of window treatments for hospitals, clinics, suites of private physicians’ offices and other medical facilities are accustomed to providing a wide array of styles in curtains and drapery, blinds, shades or shutters to satisfy all window treatment needs of medical centers and settings.

Varied Types of Window Treatments for Use in Medical Facilities and Institutions

The following types and styles in modern window treatments are required by many medical facilities and institutions today:

• Opaque Curtains or Drapes for Patient Waiting Rooms. By installing opaque curtains or drapery in patient treatment waiting rooms, the glare of bright sunlight can be blocked or filtered to provide a calm, subdued interior atmosphere. Since curtains are easily opened and closed either manually or by automatic track systems with remote control devices, these window coverings can be positioned and re-positioned with ease whenever appropriate and as needed.

• Colourful Venetian Blinds for Children’s Hospital Rooms.
Colourful Venetian blinds installed in children’s hospital rooms are easily controlled by automated tracking and remote control or manually for simple, easy regulation of outdoor lighting entering the room. Since children like to look out of windows and observe any activity outside, these blinds are convenient and can be easily and safely operated by even young children. Their cheerful colours are always pleasing to children who must stay in the hospital for several days or longer.

• Roller Blinds for Physical Therapy Centers. Convenient roller blinds are useful in busy physical therapy treatment center rooms. These blinds can be quickly and easily operated to provide the desired amount of natural light for each patient during treatment procedures. Roller blinds offer stylish, practical, long-term use and are available in many appealing colours, styles and materials today.

When you consult our experts at I Love Blinds in conjunction with Eyecon Interior Solutions in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs and installation services for the ideal types and styles in modern window treatments to cover the windows of medical institution with fashionable and functional treatments. With the wide array of window dressing selections available, there is always a style, colour selection and material to suit every different medical venue and staff preference today.