A top-rated curtain designer can fashion custom curtains to suit a wide range of client preferences and needs, similar to the way in which a fashion designer creates and styles a unique, sleek dress or flowing gown. With that said, there are certain points that must be generally considered in choosing quality curtains for businesses. Below are the important elements of quality curtains for businesses.

Premium Quality Fabric and Design

Whether your preference is linen, cotton, silk or rayon for curtain fabric, as long as superior grade fabric is combined with fine quality design, your finished curtains for home or business window treatments should be highly attractive and pleasing. Your experienced designer will also ensure that the curtains complement the other primary elements of each room’s decor, including the style, fabrics, patterns and colours of your furniture, rugs and other furnishings and accessories. Beautifully woven damask prints have also regained popularity in large spaces like open concept home living areas and spacious office conference rooms.

Aesthetically-Appealing Swags and Tails

If you want to create a more traditional environment in your dining room at home or for a hotel banquet room, swags and tails will lend a convincing aura of chic, but classic glamour and elegance to the room’s interior style. The swags and tails may be fashioned from the same material as the curtains or in a contrasting fabric, for emphasis. The swag forms a semi-circular drape above the curtain, falling gracefully on both sides of the window to form tails.

Double-Pinched Pleats

The most frequently requested heading style for residential and commercial curtains is the double-pinch pleat design. Each double-pinch pleat is formed of a pair of shallow fabric folds that are tacked at their base. These pleats are repeated across the width of the curtain panel.

Curtains are the most popular of all window treatment choices among homeowners and business leaders today. Although various types of blinds, drapes and stylish shutter designs are also frequently installed, curtains of myriad fashions and fabrics still win out in terms of popularity. One reason for this is the countless styles, fabrics, patterns and textures available in curtain varieties today.

When you engage the expert services of window treatment designers at the I Love Blinds division of Eyecon Interior Solutions, located in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive excellent guidance in selecting the ideal curtain fabrics and fashions for your home or business setting. With the fine quality advice, fabrics and designs offered by this top-tier window treatment company, your home or commercial interior will glow with renewed glamour and sophistication while your fashionable curtains complement all the other elements of each room’s stylish decor.