The wide selection of window blinds and curtains currently available provides many varied choices for interior designers and decorators today. Whether updating home or office decor, these interior furnishings and accessories experts can combine myriad materials, styles, colours, patterns and textures when selecting the ideal window treatments to enhance the appearance of interior spaces. Especially since manufacturers of modern window blinds and curtains are constantly creating fresh, new window dressing fashions, there is always a stylish array of choices for designing or revitalizing window treatment decor.

Favourite Choices of Designers and Decorators for Window Blinds and Curtains

The most frequently used window blind and curtain selections by contemporary interior designers and decorators for updating home and office decor or designing the interior of a new space include the following:

• Vertical Blinds.
– These blinds are often a favourite choice of home and office designers and decorators because they heighten the visual appearance of windows and walls, making entire rooms seem more spacious. These easily operated blinds also admit exterior light in a more natural and pleasing manner than other blinds designs, letting light flow in as vertical beams like the natural flow of sunlight. This lends a sense of continuity and union to the room’s overall colour scheme and visual appeal.

• Roller Blinds. –  This style of window blinds in attractive hues and shades of fabric, vinyl or composite material can bring a touch of bright vitality to a standard minimalist interior decor in overall neutral tones. When the touch of bright, enlightening colour is wanted, the blinds can be rolled down, and when the calmer, neutral look is desired, they can easily be rolled back upward into their closed position. These blinds are also lightweight, lending an airy, open feeling to rooms that receive limited direct sunlight from windows.

• Translucent Curtains. –  Many interior designers and decorators like to use translucent window curtains when creating an appealing theme for a room. Especially in living rooms, dens and common areas in office suites, these curtains are an attractive, light and uplifting addition to any decor. While providing a limited amount of privacy, they admit pleasant, cheerful, natural light from windows. At the same time, the soft daytime light blends and mingles curtain colours and patterns, creating a pleasing array of coloration to subtly enliven the room’s interior.

When you consult our experts in the I Love Blinds division of Eyecon Interior Solutions in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive top-tier advice, blinds or curtain designs and excellent installation services for new window treatments of your choice. These experienced professionals will guide you toward selecting the ideal window dressings to complement and enhance your interior decor, creating the ideal style and ambiance for your home or office design.