If your home design includes some uniquely shaped windows, you need custom-styled window dressings and treatments to show them off while enhancing the decorative style of your rooms. Many homes today have some windows of unusual sizes and shapes to offset the regular, often standardized rectangular or squared dimensions of the major rooms. In order to best emphasize and complement the unique shapes and design statements of these special window designs, you will want to consult an expert window treatment designer or consultant to determine the most creative, artistic and pleasing treatment for this specialized interior decor feature. When carefully accentuated and celebrated, this unique window can become a primary fashion focus of the room while adding charm to your home’s entire interior design.

Window Furnishing Guidance for Dressing Uniquely Shaped Windows

When selecting the ideal furnishings to best complement and decorate the windows of individual, specialized designs and shapes in your home, some of the best window treatments to consider include the following:

• Custom Made Curtains. – When windows of intriguing and unusual shapes and dimensions are styled with custom made curtains as treatments, they come alive with unique beauty and character. When covered or bordered by bright or subdued colours or patterns in light, filmy or floating fabrics, the subtle suggestion of the window’s shape can be seen behind its attractive curtains. When these pleasing, multi-hued window treatments are opened, the window’s unique outline is framed by the curtain’s attractive array of colour and and style.

• Plantation Shutters. – These fashionable shutters can also be appealing treatments for windows of unique shapes in the rooms of a home. They serve as complete covering treatments that hide these special, artistic windows from sight, overshadowed by the shutters as the main visual attraction. Then, when opened, the surprising fashion and allure of the one-of-a-kind window design is revealed in all its individual, stylish splendor.

• Venetian Blinds. – These popular blinds are currently available in myriad colours, materials and styles, from vinyl to metal to elegant timber. Since they come in models with horizontally or vertically opening slats, they can showcase your windows of unique shapes dramatically and tastefully. When you want to view the window in its entirety for the sake of its own beauty and style, you can easily adjust the blinds to reveal the artistic window it is dressing.

By consulting the experts at the I Love Blinds division of EYECON Interior Solutions in Nunawading, Victoria, you will receive the very best advice, designs, fashions and materials for dressing your home’s windows of irregular shapes. This fine team will custom-design the ideal window treatment to show-off your unique windows in the ultimate fashionable way.