When choosing the ideal window treatments to feature stunning interior balconies, you want to find curtains, drapes, blinds or shutters that complement the style, design elements and colouration of your balconies.

Interior balconies are special outside environments that offer relatively private, restful areas for leisurely relaxation. In older homes or hotel constructions, these balconies were often not truly private since homes and large buildings were not nearly as tall as today’s modern homes, apartment complexes and hotel structures.

However, the height of modern architecture can render these balconies as ideal places for treasured times of quiet rest and solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In modern houses and buildings, these special outdoor balcony extensions offer places to view the surrounding outer world without being seen.

By selecting highly attractive window treatments for your windows adjoining these special private spaces, you will complement and enhance their stunning serenity, natural vitality and unique beauty.

Ideal Window Treatments to Feature and Celebrate Stunning Interior Balconies

Excellent choices of window treatments for featuring and celebrating the stunning beauty of interior balconies today include the following selections:

Sheer Neutral Curtains – By choosing sheer cotton, linen, silk or combination fabric curtains in appealing neutral colours and shades, you will soften the natural light and direct sunbeams entering a room of your home, apartment or hotel suite that adjoins a stunning interior balcony.

While enjoying the beauty and benefits of this pure light through your glass sliding windows, French doors or gliding glass wall, you will be shielded from the bright glare and heat of direct outdoor light streaming through the clear glass. These lovely fabrics will acquire a gentle, subtle glow and sheen from sunlight while protecting you from the annoyance of harsh, excessively bright light.

Roller Blinds – When you install attractive roller blinds on the windows or mobile doors leading to your interior balcony, you will enjoy the option of rolling these blinds all the way upward to have the full pleasure of viewing your stunning balcony from indoors. This offers the expansive sense that your interior room extends outward to include the relaxing, appealing balcony, making them one open-concept living area.

These stylish roller blinds may be made of slender bamboo slats, hemp, colourful canvas, vinyl or composite materials in varied styles, patterns and textures. When you desire indoor or outdoor privacy, you can easily roll your blinds back to the closed position, either manually or by automated remote control.

Plantation Shutters – If you select fashionable plantation shutters as window treatments for your windows or glass doors adjoining your interior balcony, you can position these shutters in the opened or closed position, as you like. While some shutter designs are formed of timbre planks or joined wooden slats, others have attractive open lattice work or cut-out designs to admit light into your interior room.

These shutters are mainly desirable when your interior balcony is frequently used for social gatherings or meetings while you are using the adjoining room for work, daily activities or rest since they offer limited light from the outside and high degrees of privacy. These elegant shutters are also available in faux wood, vinyl, aluminium and composite materials.

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