Window treatments are generally an underrated facet in any establishments. More often than not, such a feature is not taken with much consideration. What they fail to acknowledge is that these window treatments, if done right, bring in natural light, create privacy and security. This applies best for schools and universities. Window treatments, if not properly covered, can deviate the child’s attention from the lesson or lecture. It all boils down to the perfect window covering. Below are the important things to consider for window treatments for schools and universities.

Safety and Durability

Style is the least important factor while purchasing this type of window treatment. When selecting top-notch classroom window treatments, one factor comes into play – durability. With durability, a significant factor comes into focus – safety. How safe are the windows in schools and universities? Do they abide by safety standards and regulations?

Additionally, there have been some guidelines enforced on the cables covering the windows. This regulation is being faced by customised offerings that include operational cord length to be about 40 percent of the height of the window blinds. In place of a tilt cord, a wand will be the default replacement. This is not the only change. Graphics which previously had a mild representation of the warning signs faced in the products will now be replaced with child strangulation images. This is to emphasize the hazards of corded window treatments.

Learning Benefits of Window Treatments

The thought comes into play when talking about schools and universities – what makes a good environment for learning? Other than the actual classroom and furniture and the faculty, an essential component is windows. Your student’s success depends on it. When these windows are dressed right, the environment becomes well-lit for an energetic learning experience. The students automatically are in a positive frame of mind. Get the following window treatments installed in schools and universities – venetian blinds, black-out drapes, roller shades, solar shades, and even electric blinds. These kids will learn well and not feel tired or fatigued from a day’s worth of education. Moreover, they will go back home to their families happy and content.


If you are opting for an easy to clean and available in varied colors, aluminium blinds are a popular choice in most schools and universities. These assorted blind colors will not fade because they are directly baked on to the aluminum. These blinds come at reasonable rates. If you are looking for quality window covers at low prices, opt for these window blinds.

For the appearance of real wood, easy cleanup and the resistance to moisture, choose faux wood blinds. Children are curious by nature, so the window blinds must withstand their constant usage. What is great is that you get the look of real wood without paying the price of the actual wooden window treatment.

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